Making transactions in the crypto world is a bit of a different process than in the banking world.

Essentially, a crypto transaction is a handshake between the receiver and the sender, and once the handshake has been made the request is sent into the blockchain to be verified.

Below is an example of the ADDRESS for a transaction in which I sent BTC from Coinbase to my Trezor Hardware Wallet. This kind of address is used for all crypto transactions.

***It’s imperative that you copy and paste the address completely – and the system makes this easy to do – otherwise you will lose your entire transaction!***

You get this address from the place where you are REQUESTING the crypto to; where the crypto is going to. This is the Receiving Address.

Once you’ve copied it, you go to the wallet where your crypto currently lives, find the “send” button and when you click on it you will be given a popup window. In this window, you will paste the Address and give the amount of the transaction.

Once you finalize the transaction, it will be sent into the blockchain for verification. This could take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours. At this point, your transaction is on it’s own and you should see a “pending” notice at the Sending Address.