j’Aquaire 2022 Online Academy Schedule:

Sundays @ 1pm EST LIVE Recorded and available within 24 hours after live class

Each Workshop includes 7 consecutive weeks of 90 minute presentations (can go longer) which include break-out groups, Q&A, a self-guided workbook, resources for further study, original Electricmeg artwork and music, community connection and inclusion in the Alumni Community if interested. Workshops are recorded and available to you for reference.

$125 per workshop
$625 for the whole year (one workshop free)

January 9: The Connection between Quantum Physics & Quantum Consciousness

In my opinion, the most important gap exists between those who have familiarity with the Quantum Universe, and those who have none. This information has been hidden from us, but now it is time for us to claim it. I present an introduction to Quantum Physics, and to Quantum Spirituality, and we explore that quantum entanglement.

March 6: Return to Flow

So much of what goes wrong in our lives – health, love, money etc – is due to stuck energy in the numerous meridians of our body, mind and spirit. Learn how to recognize these blockages, learn how they affect you, and find your unique path to “Return to Flow.” (With special guests)

May 1: Quantum Water Magic

Water is a fascinating substance: the most powerful, and the most versatile! And it is truly conscious. We will explore astounding discoveries of water, and have fun at home with some water-based experiments.

July 10: Creative Visualization / Improvisation as Life Skill

Our imaginations have been under attack for generations; and yet it is intrinsically a superpower. Learn how to activate and best use your creative energy to manifest your destiny.

September 11: The Power of Silence (CV prerequisite)

Truth: Being out in nature in pure silence is one of the most healing actions a person could possibly take for themselves. We will spend these 8 x 90 minutes in silent meditation together, practicing our creative visualization skills and exploring in writing the experiences and effects. I recommend noise cancelling headphones for this session.

November 6: Aquarian Self Governance

We have learned about the Quantum Universe and now we must learn how to thrive in it. The Age of Aquarius exists in higher frequencies and so as we arrive, we morph from the limited spectrum of 3D into a grander spectrum of abundance.

Thank you for your interest in the j’Aquaire Quantum Academy! You will be able to reserve your spot in the next few weeks.