I use only organic, resiliently sourced products to soothe & protect the body’s largest organ, the skin.

If you like the Balm softer, keep in a warm place. If you like it more firm, keep cool.

My Body Balm is the result of years of experimentation toward the goal of finding a solution for dry, cracked skin and keeping my trumpet-playing lips moist. I find that it works fabulously as a whole-body moisturizer, but works exceptionally well to heal all forms of damaged skin. (Drink more GOOD water! That helps too.)

I recently learned that beeswax is magnetic to Etheric Energy – so when you consume it, it is very beneficial to your overall health! In fact I’m learning quite a bit about how to make one’s self more accessible to Etheric Energy for health, and will be sharing that information as it becomes more clear to me, so stay tuned!

“My hubby started using the body balm to offset reactions from radiation. It immediately offered relief AND it lasted literally all day!!!!! It is making such a huge difference during this time… Time to take care of ME with it as well!!!! Thanks Meg Montgomery xoxo!”

Lee Munch December, 2019

I’m not a doctor and I’m not authorized to give medical advice. But I CAN tell you that people who use this product experience magical results for a wide range of issues. It is soothing, calming, nurturing and assists the healing process.

Beeswax never goes bad, and coconut oil is extremely shelf stable. In general, this product will last a very long time.

Enjoy! And I it would make me so happy if you would share your Body Balm success stories!