Modern-Day Renaissance Woman

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Electricmeg has performed, composed & produced music for the past 45 years in a wide variety of settings and across genres, and has produced festivals of music, community, art & holistic living.

She’s also a web mistress, writer, photographer, film maker & quantum educator.

Electricmeg has won several local arts grants and her photography has been featured in local galleries.

In 2018 she debuted her one-woman show (now short film) at the Liberty Museum (NY).
The Language of Water  explores many of the stunning discoveries & quantum aspects of water.

With her impressive array of skills & experience
Electricmeg is a visionary technical/creative producer
who tackles projects with heart, vision & fortitude.

Le Collage C’est Fou!! (1997, NYC) was her first project, featuring the work of a collective of extraordinary musicians performing Afro-Jazz Fusion. Electricmeg wrote, produced, engineered, mixed and album with the help of Mike O’Brien at Stormy Sky Studios and Jon Price at The Playroom, NYC. Mastered by James P. Nichols @ BMG.

She brought the songs, and asked the musicians to interpret their own parts. The members were all helpful in arranging the music, especially Li’Nard who stepped up one night to put his very special mark on “Phoenix” and “The Right Time”. Purchase the album HERE or singles HERE.