Philosophical / Musical Collaboration

Between Daniel Carter (DC) and Electricmeg

In the last years of the last century, I had a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a gorgeous 8 track analog Scully machine using 1 inch tape that I was holding on to for the Museum of Sound Recording. I combined that gorgeous thick analog sound with my new digital board, wearing many hats and making many mistakes in the lengthy session.

Daniel was always up for projects. I used to love talking with him until the wee hours, after gigs with the Mammals of Zod (freeazz big band), standing on the corner of Houston and 2nd Ave in NYC. During those discussions, we came up with the idea of working together with a wide range of sounds. We tried to stay true to that idea, within the limitations of my equipment, in this session in 1998.

On the session:
Daniel Carter – trumpet, sax, flute
On Davis – guitar
Peter Lewis – drums
DJ FIrehorse – turntables
Luther LT Thomas – sax
George Makinto – keyboard and flute
James P Nichols – bass
Electricmeg – trumpet, engineering, mixing

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