I use organic, resiliently-sourced, as-local-as-possible ingredients to soothe, protect, heal & nourish the body’s largest organ – The Skin.

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2024 Body Balm Introductory Pricing:

1 oz – $12
2 oz – $20
4 oz – $35

Plus shipping, tax included. Gift wrapping available, $5 extra.

Body Balm is the result of decades of experimentation in search the best care for my trumpet “chops”.

The Balm is FABULOUS for Brass Players!!

But as I’ve learned over time, it also works exceptionally well as a whole-body moisturizer, and supports the resolution of many skin issues.

This latest version with Castor Oil is my all-time favorite. I’m adding more Argan Oil and creating a softer, more luxurious blend. My own experience: my skin is softer and smoother than ever, and I’ve received many unsolicited comments recently on how very young my face looks!

The balm absorbs right into the skin, there is no residue. It enhances, heals and protects. Your skin will LOVE you for it!!!

About the Organic Ingredients:

Moroccan Argan Oil LOVES the skin!!! It locks in moisture and has been revered for eons for its exceptional protection against the sun’s rays. It is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and helps with wound healing. It has been proven to be anti-aging. It is protective.

Local Beeswax

Beeswax forms a permeable barrier that protects skin and locks in moisture, helping skin stay hydrated. It has skin-softening properties and enhances skin elasticity, helping to reduce signs of aging. Beeswax is anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and germicidal.  It’s high frequency, aligned with the Crown Chakra. It attracts Etheric Energy – the healing power that exists in the air around us. Having beeswax in your life is beneficial – it helps elevates the frequency of a space, and it’s super-protective.

Castor Oil could well be called “The Fountain of Youth.” It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-wrinkle with pain-relieving properties. It’s moisturizing, protective & helps flush out toxins.

Coconuts are one of the great gifts to humanity; so very nourishing, externally and internally. I always use organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil has moisturizing, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant & anti-microbial properties, and helps in wound healing.

Frankincense is a Holy oil, one of the three gifts of the Magii. Frankincense boosts the immune system and helps facilitate Divine Connection, relating to the Crown Chakra. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Frankincense & Beeswax work well together, being of very high frequency.

I steep organic Greek Oregano in the Argan Oil, heating & cooling several times to infuse the oil with the incredible health benefits of Oregano. The mineral-nutrient profile of Oregano is exceptional, but it is extremely powerful as anti-bacterial & anti-viral. (Throw out your toxic hand sanitizers!)

“My hubby started using Body Balm to offset reactions from radiation. It immediately offered relief AND it lasted literally all day!!!!! It is making such a huge difference during this time… Time to take care of ME with it as well!!!! Thanks Meg xoxo!

– Lee M, December 2019

I have been using Meg’s Body Balm for years and I love it! It has worked wonders on my hands/arms. I can’t recall the last time I had an eczema breakout. The balm is so soft and supple – it practically melts on your skin and it lasts forever. Highly recommend.

– Susan M, February 2024

Balm at the Bee House

* I’m not a doctor and I’m not authorized to give medical advice *

But I CAN tell you that many people who have used this product have experienced GLEEFUL results for a wide range of issues. The Balm is soothing, calming, nurturing and supports the healing process. The feedback I’ve received has been consistently fantastic, and I look forward to more and more people learning about this valuable product.

People have used it for:

  • – cuts and sores
  • – bites and stings
  • – cracked feet
  • – cuticle cream
  • – eye creme
  • – eczema
  • – tolerating radiation
  • – anti-bacterial / anti-viral protection
  • – anti-fungal
  • – removing dark spots
  • – rashes and other skin problems
  • – shaving
  • – lip protection
  • – wrinkles
  • – lubricant
  • etc. etc. etc
When you first use Body Balm, it might just be for a simple reason. It doesn’t take long to realize that it works incredibly well for all kinds of different things.
You might have thought this one beautiful bottle would last you a couple years, but as it dawns on you that you can replace almost ALL of your toxic skincare products with this ONE holistic, beneficial productBAM!! REALITY SHIFT! And… your very first thought upon awakening in this new paradigm:

I don’t EVER want to be without my Body Balm!

Beeswax and coconut oil have an almost unlimited shelf life. Properly cared for, the Balm will last many years. If it starts to lose its moisture, and begins to crack or smell bad, then it’s time to replenish.

The Balm is in no way toxic or poisonous if ingested (aside from allergies to specific ingredients), but it’s designed for external use only. No side effects other than allergies to specific ingredients.

The Body Balm is currently being made in Westfield, NY in small artisanal batches.

For softer Balm, keep warm. For firm, keep cool.