My journey as a photographer began when I was 16 and my mother gave me a camera for my birthday. I’ve been taking pictures ever since, and exhibited in my first gallery show in 2017.

I like the unexpected, the magical, and the sublime. My photography in the past decade has been mostly nature-based, but I also enjoy taking portraits and capturing magical moments.

One of my specialties is water photography, as it’s a way to study the ways in which water communicates, feeding my interest in the Quantum world.

In the past few years I’ve generously used the Saturation tool in Affinity Photo to amplify what I consider a way to see beyond this dimension. It is driven by my study of Quantum Physics and Spirituality, and I try to find a balance between what I see with my eyes and my Third Eye, with the limitations of my camera – to make it most magnetic.

I often combine my photography with words of wisdom that I’ve learned along the way, to help others speed up their journey.

If you’re interested in a print, let me know and I’ll arrange it through Redbubble account.

I give permission to use my work – with credit ELECTRICMEG.COM and link back to this site!!! Please respect this copyright.

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