Offered here is a sampler of electricmeg’s compositions, collaborations and productions. Click on each song title to go to the page for that song – listen, learn and purchase

(Like a) Phoenix From the Flame (1997) Performed by Le Collage, from the album C’est Fou!!

A Better World Than This (2016) Performed by electricmeg

Peace (2016) From The Liberty Trifecta, Performed by The Bliss Ensemble

Expelliarmus 396 “I Am Love” Meditation Edit (2013) Performed by Electricmeg

Expelliarmus 396 “I Am Love” Radio Edit (2013) Performed by Electricmeg

Frack Attack (No Frack Attack) (2011) Performed by the Pluto Crazy Vibe

Electric Jam (2000) Performed by Mahjoun Gnawa Jazz

Mellow Move (1999) Performed by Out da Concrete

Tropic of Capricorn (2016) Performed by electricmeg

Winter Solstice (2017) Performed by electricmeg

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