Mahjoun was a collective of improvisers and Gnawa musicians who performed and recorded together in NYC in the late 1990s. This album is a documentation of the experiment. The first two tracks were recorded at Pepper Temple Studios, Staten Island NY, and the rest are live recordings from one of our performances at Tagine Restaurant, NYC.

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released March 15, 2016

All recording: Doug Principato

Doug Principato – guitar, percussion, vocals and pennywhistle
Greg Principato – percussion and vocals
Andre Martinez – percussion and vocals
On Ka’a Davis – guitar, percussion and vocals
Karim Alaoui – sintir, percussion and vocals
Achmed Alaoui – qraqb and vocals
Hassan Ben Jaffar – qraqb and vocals
Ed Davis – bongos and vocals
Electricmeg – trumpet, percussion and vocals