Upon the public introduction of Free Energy,
the quality of life for every Human (and ALL of Nature) will improve instantly & dramatically.

Do you know ANYONE who would be opposed to having
Infinite, Clean, Abundant, Free Energy?

Aside from people who make their income from the current energy systems (which are ALL dirty, even and especially Renewable tech) I doubt you’d find many who would oppose it. But with enough inspiration, I believe we’d find billions who would rise up to Demand It.

Several exciting announcements about Free Energy have been made in the past few years, including the release of anti-gravity patents as well as the rise of Magnetism, Hydrogen and many other over-unity technological advances. This should be front page news, every day, around the world! But it’s nowhere to be found, except in independent (so-called Conspiracy Theorist) journalism.

Free Energy technology has been in use for decades, out of our view. Since the time when Rockefeller began pushing oil on the American public, we could have been using freely available electricity as described by Nikola Tesla. Tesla is the greatest example of a technological genius – exhibited at the 1893 World’s Fair – whose life’s work could have created the most enlightened, advanced, sovereign world society, if it was allowed. But, it was not allowed.

For the past century, inventors who came remotely close to producing Free Energy inventions were threatened, destroyed, and assassinated.* The information has been highly censored on the internet, and people who talk about it have been made out to be crackpots. Essentially, the Powers That Be (#TPTB) made sure to keep these developments secret, while building out their own highly advanced civilization in a subterranean society.


I am acutely aware of how ridiculous this sounds to people who pay attention to the Mainstream Media – it sounds totally wacko! Look for this information to be made public in the very near future. If you want to go down that rabbit hole, there are plenty of alt media channels on Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) – Telegram, Bitchute, Brighteon, Rumble, Twitter?

* My grandfather Montgomery (I share his birthday) patented a series of electric alternators in the 1950s. I’m convinced he studied the work of Nikola Tesla, but I have no way of knowing for sure. He died of a heart attack and I wonder if it was an assassination due of those patents. Other sad but brilliant stories: Viktor Schauberger, Royal Rife, Wilhelm Reich, Jacques Benveniste. The irrational focus on Einstein & Hawkins blinds us to the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century!!!

Imagine, for a moment, the difference in a culture that has had access to free / quantum energy & technology for 50 to 100 years – compared to one that has been limited to “fossil fuels” – It would be an ENORMOUS gap in knowledge and experience – orders of magnitude! <- Important point for people to comprehend!!!

Free Energy is a blanket term for the evolution of wireless, infinite, over-unity & freely available electricity.

There’s a kind of play on words, in the phrase FREE ENERGY. We’re not just entering an era in which energy is as abundant as air and costs nothing, we’re also in the process of FREEING many discoveries that were suppressed for way too long. Therefore / ergo, the word FREE can be considered either an adjective or a verb depending how you’re interpreting it.

Change is Upon Us!

The great news is that something has changed. TPTB are no longer censoring information on Free energy! Hallelujah!!!

Recently, the documentary Thrive On featured a young Zimbabwean man, Maxwell Chikumbutso, who invented a way to harness radio waves. His radio-wave-frequency-gathering-unit was able to provide wireless electricity to 100,000 people from a 200 sf cube. The energy was distributed through the air, for free, with only maintenance to the device needed. The device was measured, tested and proved authentic and successful as stated, by Foster Gamble and his team. This was the first time in my experience that anyone was allowed to demonstrate successful free energy tech on this scale. Max, like so many others, was harassed, threatened, jailed and conscripted by the government.

Today, Max is producing many different self-powered devices, such as TVs and kitchen gadgets, with his discovery. Free Energy is ALREADY HERE, the introduction of Max Chikumbutso was a soft disclosure.

Max is a very blessed human to have access to this knowledge, and to be able to bring it to the world. But it is just one discovery of so many. The realization that Free Energy has been kept from us for so long – replaced with the deceit and destruction and profiteering of fossil fuels – should ENRAGE, or at least ENGAGE, every person on the planet who was not involved in the cover-up.

The minute we turn off the gas, our future is blindingly bright.

Recent podcasts from Clif High and Joe Rogan with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson discuss re-emergent ancient technologies, and also the development of free energy devices based on Schauberger’s implosion concepts, and a whole lot more.

Decades ago, Stan Meyer invented a car that runs successfully on water. He was poisoned to death after publicizing his discovery. Recently, Aaron Salter, Jr of Buffalo NY published a video on YouTube recreating Meyer’s work. Salter was then killed in the mass shooting incident in 2022.

Today, high performance, salt-water powered cars are found all over Europe. So why are we forced to use gas, diesel & EVs (which are primarily powered by Fossil Fuels)??????? EXCELLENT QUESTION!!

Following is an incomplete list of Free Energy sources:

We must remain Awake & Aware enough
to know when action is required to
protect our Freedoms.

I am here to tell you – ACTION IS NEEDED NOW, and
Uniting behind Free Energy can solve MANY of our problems!

Instead of protesting ANYTHING, we should have been DEMANDING Free Energy. For a very long time, there has been a massive and concerted cover-up of alternative energy technology, just as there’s been a massive cover up of Quantum Physics. The fact that we’re allowed to talk about Free Energy NOWwithout being censured – and that people are commercially producing Free Energy devices – is a development of the utmost importance!

However – Despite all the amazing advances in Free Energy in the past couple of years, we see absolutely no evidence of it in American mainstream media.

It’s up to us to DEMAND IT!!!

The rollout of Free Energy will be the beginning of a truly magnificent future. Once we have free, unlimited energy – our Quality of Life improves instantly for the simple reason that a significant portion of our energy is SPENT in the form of WORK to pay for energy – whether automobiles, or heating/cooling, or oversea travel, or cooking, or transporting goods, or clothes etc.

The implications on a society powered by infinite, pure, free energy, are astounding. If you imagine things like Star Trek Replicators, Healing devices and Transporters, you’d be close to the mark.

Could we rally behind this one, life-changing, future-making, all-empowering idea? Can we UNIFY to demand access to the very technology whose absence has been used to enslave us?

Even & Especially in the context of Global Chaos,
We have the ability to create Global Unity.

Demand Free Energy NOW!!!

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Initiated October, 2022 – In Progress!
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