If you are aware that Quantum / Free / Zero Point / Etheric / Universal energy exists and can be tapped (as Tesla taught us), then you can NOT with any logical mind look at what’s happening in our world regarding energy as DECENT! These forms of alternative energy are extremely resource and maintenance intensive, and the materials are not-Earth friendly by any stretch of the imagination.

yet another censored video….

It’s time to stop listening to fake news and start doing your own research. Boycott the censored search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Duck Duck Go – start using Qwant, Tor, Brave and other browsers and search engines that have a commitment to the First Amendment of the US Constitution of 1776.

The Globalist lies MUST STOP! Where they lead us is one place only – ANNIHILATION, greater than the Bolshevik Revolution!

Open your eyes! WTFU!!!