Expression, Creativity, Critical Thinking

I offer weekly Zoom Conversations for students at every level, guiding them to explore, practice and master their ability to think critically, engage their creative mind, develop their sense of self and interact confidently with the greater world. 

This course is designed to be fun and to support all the other learning the students are engaged in. The out-of-class work will be geared toward self-development and will not be graded, but used as a method of personalized guidance.

Each student will complete at least one project with whatever materials are available to them – writing, multimedia, video, etc. on a theme of their choosing. The completion of the project, along with attendance, is the only requirement for passing the course. For those who are interested in more in-depth practice, additional opportunities will be made available.

This course places a strong emphasis on English, public speaking, research and personal accountability.

Zoom calls for Level 3 and 4 will have break-out rooms allowing for collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas.

Level 1 Age 5 – 7

Level 2 Age 8 – 10

Level 3 Age 11 – 13

Level 4 Age 14 – 17

Note: Respect is required of my students – toward self and others. Anti-social behavior will not be tolerated.

Meg Montgomery earned a Bachelor of Music Education from Indiana University in 1988. She has been involved in imagining future education systems specifically around the work of Rudolph Steiner. Meg is a professional musician, composer and producer, a multimedia artist, a blogger and has an affinity for helping to organize communities of consciousness.