My Professional Services (decades of experience):

I specialize in working with small businesses, artists, authors & entrepreneurs.

Web Design

Graphic Design

Desktop Publishing – from flyers to reports to ebooks, I do it all.

Music Production – I help bands and artists to present a solid, excellent sounding product. Le Collage was my first project which I took from start to finish and is an excellent testament to my skills and vision as a producer.

Event Production – I have been producing my own events, and helping produce larger events, over the course of four decades.

Photography / Videography – I am self taught; always looking for the fleeting magic of a moment.

Writing – I took several writing classes in college after an inspired AP English class. I have written poems, songs, stories and 1 book (currently unpublished – The Art of Personal Transformation), and am in the process of writing my 2nd book, Becoming Aquarian. I wrote the Liberty Column for the Sullivan County Democrat for a year or so and am enjoying keeping up blogs both at j’Aquaire and Electricmeg.

Teaching/Lectures – I enjoy teaching and lecturing on a variety of subjects including music, quantum physics and consciousness, alternative history, the Language of Water etc.


“Meg is a consistent source of leadership and logic on every project she’s involved with—we have collaborated on a number of projects in the areas of web design and audio engineering. I know I can always rely on Meg to use her extensive knowledge and abilities in these areas to enhance the vision, and push any piece to creatively unexpected places. Meg is passionate about her work, and will deliver on time and above expectations. She is an asset to any team—a voice of reason in the heat of the action.”
Rob Aleman, colleague at Pearson Education and the Music Industry

Meg has always shown up on time, cared about and diligently did her work and took pride in it. Most importantly, she cared about the people she worked with in and out of her department. Always was a top choice for the managers. Later on I recommended her to someone in another business and she spent a year there and successfully took on new challenges in a new field. She’s not afraid to try something new.
– Dave Tavalin, colleague at Goldman, Sachs

Meg is amazing ! She has so many talents, she has just mastered a track for me for my new album and with her producing expertise it sounds absolutely brilliant ! she is also such a lovely caring person and works from her heart. I am so happy to be able to say she’s become a good friend too! just love her!
– Sally Hope, musician