I first heard the terms Mockingbird Media at a lecture in college (cerca 1986), the totality of which was describing what came to be known as Agenda 21, aka the New World Order, aka the Great Reset complete with foreshadow of events that included the S&L crisis, the multiple stock market crashes of the 90s, 9/11, Homeland Security and…. (wait for it) …. depopulation via injection by 2021.

It took me many years to fully grasp the reality of the Mockingbird Media, even though it had been in play ever since the advent of NEWS (an acronym for North East West South, of which purpose is mind control of the masses in all directions). I remember listening to the comforting sound of Walter Cronkite’s voice every night as a young child, and even though he was delivering horrific news about Vietnam, or the fake moon landing, or Watergate, or the tanking economy or whatever… everything was okay because he was a reliable and very-much-in-charge father figure. No matter how bad things sounded, everything was gonna be alright! Walter Cronkite’s in charge!

So, when I found out that Cronkite was CIA, as is just about every NEWS broadcaster since, it was a domino effect that shattered many illusions. I can assure you that Tucker Carlson, Dinesh D’Souza and Gary Null are NOT in that club!! At this point, whenever I look at Anderson Cooper, all I see is “CIA” (his ridiculous salary is underwritten by Pfizer) and I look at Oprah Winfrey and I see “CIA” and I look at Maria Menounos, Joy Behar etc. and I see “CIA” – they are all tools of the Evil Empire, having (literally) sold their souls for fame and fortune.

The Mockingbird Media controls what information we receive, and how we receive it, and it is based on the concept that the more times you hear a piece of information – the more you believe it.

Since Obama signed H.R.5736 – Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 into law, media companies have been released from the inconvenience of being legally required to present FACT or TRUTH. (In fact, they have attempted to co-opt the very word, FACT, by implementing their Orwellian Fact Checking Squad – headed up by the porn stars of Snopes (CIA) !!)

For the past 10 years, the general public has been assaulted with an infinite repetition of weaponized, propagandized, Psy-Op information in order to sway opinion to whatever end is desired.

  • For instance, allowing yourself to be injected with a substance that is non-FDA approved, DNA-altering, and killed every animal it was tested on.
  • For instance, “The Orange Man is the most evil tyrant in the history of the world” despite the fact that the United States of America was at peace, thriving economically, and there was exceptional effort toward balance among all Americans during his tenure. (Not to mention, the Steele Dossier linking Trump to RUSSIA has been proven to be completely fabricated by the very people who were actually in cahoots with Russia!)
  • For instance “If you don’t support the Ukraine, Putin will take over the world” despite the fact that Zelenski doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he’s a Nazi, and the Ukraine is the Globalist money-laundering and bioweapon manufacturing capital of the world.

In all cases, it’s the CENSORED / non-reported information
that’s most damaging.

I threw out my television when I was in my 20s, recognizing it as an energy-sucking device. The internet can be just as energy sucking, and one must learn how to wade through the mountains of bullshit (which is another form of psy-op) but at least the pearls of truth are IN that mountain of bullshit, if you have the stomach to find them!

In the past 40 years, there has been a phenomenal monopolization /consolidation of the media, so that by 2016, 90% of all Media companies were controlled by just 6 corporations (NewsCorp, Comcast, Viacom, TimeWarner, Disney and SONY). This monopolization is NOT – by any stretch of the imagination – in the interest of the 99%. And it shows how vitally important it is for people to STOP WATCHING THE NEWS and start doing their own research!!! (This includes PBS…. perhaps the most insidious of them all, in that they play on the heartstrings of the well-intentioned. All you have to do is look at their sponsors to know which way the wind blows).

I’d bet a dollar that 90% of the people reading this post have one of those “information providers” as the source of their internet service, to boot – meaning that even if you’re doing your own research, they have the ability to censor that information not just in your search engine, not just in your browser, not just in the selection of programming available to you – but in the actual delivery to your device. That should make the hairs on your neck stand up.

I must add that huemanity has a particular trait: it is EXCEEDINGLY difficult for us to admit that we’ve been fooled. This very important fact is built into the weaponized Psy-Op of the Mockingbird Media.

As with ALL of my posts, this is an invitation for you to turn off your Tel-Lie-Vision with it’s mind-control “Programming” and start asking questions. Start figuring out what’s REALLY habbening (sic) in our world, before it’s too late. That being said, I am disheartened to find that every search engine is now fully censored and so it’s necessary to go to alternative news sites to start your digging. I will create a post that lists sites I have come to trust over a long period of time.

NOTE: my web hosting service is censoring this post! It does not show in my back office, and it does now show on my Blog page. Ain’t that something! I wonder how much I can sue them for…. It’s also being censored on LinkedIn. Now I KNOW I’m doing something right!!!

I have mirrored this post on a much more secure hosting site – you can access it and a whole lot of other fantastic TRUTH there.

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