A new reality is emerging.

I know it because I meet people who are engaged in it; it exists outside my mind. In fact, after the life-altering experience of  recognizing Quantum energy, life becomes so charged with possibility and divine providence that it becomes difficult to engage with people who have not yet discovered the secret.

The world we interact to with our five senses is a construct, just like the movie The Matrix taught us.

At the most basic level, all of life and the universe is vibration – energy, frequency, waves – that is programmable by our very thoughts, if our minds are in healthy and organized.

Although the understanding of the Quantum Energy was known in the ancient pre-history world according to many researchers, it was re-discovered piece-by-piece by generations of Quantum Physicists and metaphysical researchers over the past 120 years. The teaching of Quantum Reality to the general population has been mostly suppressed, just as Tesla’s inventions, Rife’s frequencies, and renewable energy have been suppressed.

However, for this brief period of time that we have right now, the knowledge is out there for anyone who has been searching, knowing in the depths of their soul that there is something more to being human than “feeding the machine.”

I am in currently production on a one-woman show called Queen of the Quantum World that explores many different aspects of Quantum Energy in hopes of educating, connecting, and inspiring a whole new generation of superheros. I am premiering the first bits of it in my presentation for the Silver Tent Summit in April 2017, and the live show will debut in Fall 2017.

Classical Physicists: Max Planck, Erwin Shroedinger, Albert Einstein
Quantum Inventors: Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, Bucky Fuller, Elon Musk
Quantum Healers: Edgar Cayce, Eileen McKusick, Deepak Chopra
Quantum Educators: Gregg Braden, Michael Tellinger, electricmeg