Free Energy is a loose term, kind like Free Jazz – leaving a whole lot to the imagination.

There are different ways to approach what is not just one subject, but many. For me, it’s a play on words and ideas. For instance, what form of energy are we talking about, and what’s the definition of Free? So I invite you to consider for yourself, what the term Free Energy might mean for YOU before reading what I have to say about it.

In essence what I am doing is “freeing” the very concepts of energy that have been suppressed by The Powers That Be (TPTB) for at least 60 years. There is emerging information revealing that previous civilizations had harnessed etheric energy and anti-gravity. (I have a funny feeling that a lot of history books are about to be re-written….)

Electro Magnetism

Humans have access to a tiny fraction of the electro-magnetic spectrum through our 5 senses. For instance, we hear sound only between 20 Hz – 20 kHz, and for the most part our eyes see wavelengths at about 380 to 750 nanometers.

We are but a speck on the spectrum!

What happens when a Nikola Tesla (who seemingly has expanded access to the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum) appears and introduces enough information to allow us to harness some of the pre-existing, resilient, non-polluting and infinitely renewable forms of energy found in the electro-magnetic spectrum, or the ether / prana / chi / quantum field / zero point field?

Unfortunately, what happened was that TPTB confiscated Tesla’s work and writings, and over the course of a century used it to THEIR benefit, building a quantum subterranean world while drowning us on the surface in weather warfare (using Tesla tech), economic warfare, education warfare, race warfare and all other kinds of warfare. (Never worse than it is right NOW!) All those decades, they kept Free (Quantum) Energy suppressed while we destroyed the surface for fuel.

Something has recently shifted at this point, though, because The Powers That Be (TPTB) have been allowing people to publish content on Free Energy breakthroughs. (Although they did get Aaron Salter, Jr. a few months back after he published videos converting his truck to run on water). We shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel; Free Energy devices already exist, have existed for decades in many different forms and can be a device you turn on once and then it runs until you turn it off, or it could be an engine that draws energy from the Electro Magnetic Spectrum, like Radio Waves, for instance. It could be a water-powered engine. It could be extraordinary amplification of existing energy. But what it all comes down to is this very important fact:

Free Energy technology ultimately eliminates the need for destroying the Earth for her resources.

Tesla-inspired Electro-Magnetic Perpetual Motion Motor

WHAT IF all that we’re experiencing in our world is not about a shortage of gas, but a switchover to Free Energy. The catch is, that it’s up to you and me to recognize that Free Energy exists, and DEMAND IT.

A switch to Free Energy would completely and immediately change the dynamic of our world. Consider that about 1/3 of your life is spent earning the money you need for survival…. what would you do with 1/3 extra hours in your day? The spin-off tech is just as life-changing as the free energy tech itself, such as med-beds and replicators. Med-beds will heal everyone from everything, based on your DNA. It can also accomplish age-regression in most cases and can regrow limbs. Replicators can make you a Wolfgang Puck meal or a cotton sweater or a book case. Using the energetic information available in the Electromagnetic Spectrum and the atoms and molecules in the air, the Replicator is programmed with seemingly infinite recipes for whatever you might need. You never have to pay for THINGS again, and that’s prolly another 1/3 of your workday so it looks like with the advent of Free Energy, you can quit that job you hate so much!

We are ultimately headed to a world where the need for money no longer exists; where we can spend more time engaging our Divinity; and honing our skills and talents to make the world a better and better place for all.

This is the future I pray for every day, and I pray it is not too far away.

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