2017 for me was an awakening of my power.

I have always felt like a powerful person and people have heard that power when they have listened to me play trumpet, but I was disempowered in my youth, and I brought that powerlessness with me into adulthood.

I have often acted out of this disempowerment, and it has reflected very poorly on me. And so I retreated from society all together. Ultimately that cannot be the answer; one must recognize the problem and fix it in order to become an empowered, fully-functioning mover and shaker that we are all meant to be. If we don’t take care of our fundamental problems…. it doesn’t end well;  we end up addicted – to sex, drugs, shopping, work, food etc., or as abusers, or depressed or worse.

I’ve used these many years of solitude to study, think, dream, create, and commune with nature, despite and because of the intense pressures of my life. I’ve come to the conclusion that the pre-defined male/female roles are THE major cause of the breakdown of society, and one of my goals is to elevate the Divine Feminine to help us all grow beyond this foetid, disastrous dynamic.

Result: I define myself as a Egalitarian Quantum Being, rising above the matrix of material illusion into the realm of Divinity and Universal Consciousness.

In celebration of my newfound empowerment, I dedicate 2018 to my own transformation with the introduction of a web series entitled Quantum Evolution. In episodes released every Friday of the year, I will explore the many realms of information I have been studying these past 10 years – health, wealth, community building, ancient history, farming, nutrition, creativity, Quantum Physics & Consciousness, and much more. I’ll host conversations with movers and shakers in the quantum world, conveying simple and effective ways to transform into Quantum

In the process, I will be transmuting what no longer serves me into the reality of my dreams. Losing weight, becoming wellthy, growing community, blocking negative energy – I hope you’ll be inspired by my transformation to set out on your own path of achieving your  dreams, passion and purpose.

Learn more at QuantumEvolution.Life