At 10pm, a caravan of cars descended upon my neighbor’s house, stereos blaring, and they’ve started playing basketball and splashing in the pool and partying like the 20-somethings they are. I was already half asleep, but the sound of the celebration of life will keep me awake, so why not join the fun? I’ve got a nice big glass of wine, and I’m listening to their tunes, and I’m primed for another blog post!

One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve been following leads these past few days is how MASSIVE and FABULOUS Reactionary, Grassroots Journalism has become in response to the censorship of the TREASONOUS SATANIC GLOBALIST Ministry of Truther Propagandists. I am so fully aligned with these truth-seekers that I am emboldened, and sanctified, and Infinitely Grateful every time I find a new video that exposes the heinous anti-human agenda of the Globalists.

Yesterday I watched Vaxxed 2 and I honestly don’t know how Polly was able to keep it together over the course of MONTHS, while she gathered all that material…. as the mother of a vaccine-injured son (Type 1 Diabetes), my heart goes out to those mothers and children who have it SO MUCH WORSE. It is beyond-heart wrenching to see the wanton destruction of LIFE, and in the case of Gardasil – FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

The horrifying truth is, that (according to VAERS) these kinds of reactions are EXPONENTIALLY WORSE for the Covid not-vaccines. In the past year alone, Covid adverse-event reporting (including death) is greater than ALL OF THE YEARS OF VAERS REPORTING PUT TOGETHER. I watched a video tonight in which a doctor/researcher testified that 150,000 people have died to save 10,000 (potential). And in the case of children, that ratio will become tremendously worse. (Just ask the casket makers, who have received orders for child caskets way, way, way beyond anything considered normal.) Fauxi and his minions need to BURN.

Tonight I came across a very courageous documentary that begins to explore how Family Court, CPS and the Judiciary System are all deeply involved in child sex trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). I’ve seen many of these documentaries from all around the world (extremely disturbing, and extremely pervasive all around the world) but this one was very home-grown and I truly appreciated the absolute courage of the young mother to recognize what had happened, document it, acquire evidence of the fraud, and then go public. That is exceptional bravery.

When my own relationship broke apart, and my ex threatened me every which way using my son as leverage so that he wouldn’t have to pay child support, THANK GOD I had the wits to stay out of the court system! I thank GOD EVERY DAY that I was able to keep my son safe.

And yet, this subject has been absolutely taboo; people who attempt to bring it to light are assassinated without mercy. The Satanic system protects itself. I’m not sure what it will take to blow the lid off this absolutely incredible evil that has ruled our society for way, way too long.

Jeezus – these Satanists are EVERYWHERE and the children are all they want. I want these pieces of excrement all to FRY, or HANG, or strangle by lethal injection, and be gone FOREVER. The Pedophile Drag Queens…. the Pedophile Politicians…. the Pedophile teachers… the Pedophile entertainers… the Pedophile Doctors… the Pedophile Media – ALL of them.

And… if you haven’t yet seen Dinesh D’Souza’s Documentary, 2000 Mules, which explore the ridiculous internal fraud of the 2020 election, you haven’t fulfilled your civic duty. (Another documentary is coming out, exploring how other countries around the world were involved in stealing the vote.)

And here’s Lara Logan, investigative journalist extraordinaire from South Africa:

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