Change is Upon Us.

The last possible day to overturn the 2020 presidential “s/elecciòn” is in a few days – September 3.

The Alliance says that ALL IS IN ORDER for that to happen. Or, perhaps Trump never left, and these past ~2 years have been the biggest sting operation in history. Or, the Globalists pull some dirty trick that completely destabilizes the world….

Whatever way it happens, we’re going to see the military active inside the borders of our nation and that should get everyone’s attention.

Every day, new sources are coming out of the woodwork – whistleblowers, truth tellers, insiders – exposing how completely rotten the establishment is, and revealing the plan to subvert the Globalist/Communist takeover of the United States and by extension the world.

FACT: Earth is switching to the Quantum Financial System (QFS). There is a strong possibility that this is the final act of surrendering human sovereignty to AI. However, the possibility also exists that the QFS is the freeing of humanity from its enslavement. It all depends on who has their hand on the switch at that pivotal moment which just might be coming up soon.

In the QFS, every person is responsible for their own banking. There will be no more bank tellers, we do all transactions digitally except for those cases where either you need or want to use cash. People are already doing it via Zelle and Venmo etc. It’s all tracked. All 209 countries are now trading gold-backed currencies on FOREX, but the switch has yet to be flipped between the old system and the new.

Here is an possible scenario that a few people have bandied about:

When the new system is engaged, there will probably be some kind of significant stimulus payment to every QFS account holder. But the kicker is – you will have to go to your home country of original citizenship to claim that stimulus. This, along with complimentary air shuttle service, will return all of the Globalist migrants back to their countries in very short order to build beautiful lives at home. One big problem solved.

Many other problems will be solved with similar level of higher-dimensional thinking and capabilities. We are entering a time beyond limitation. It’s time to start thinking in terms of never having to chase money again, instead, using that energy to create things, methods and ideas to advance the quality of life for ALL beings.

Soon after the newn economy is unleashed, the introduction/release of quantum energy will be revealed, and this is another powerful force of change with incalculable effects.

Don’t believe anything you read. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! use search engine. Get off all Google and Microsoft software – use for email.

IRAQ IS IN TURMOIL as the political establishment evolves through the fires of hell. Iraq is ground zero for the Global Currency Reset and although there has been tremendous meddling by foreign entities, perhaps now the Iraqi people can begin the healing process. My greatest hope is that they keep God in the Middle of All Things.

Title IX is supposed to protect our children from sexual predators, but it has been re-written to elevate the rights of transgenders over the rights of everyone else, remove parental rights, and push gender change. I urge you to take the time to learn more and contact your representatives to let them know what you think BEFORE September 12.

*Judy Mikovitz “How GLYPHOSATE makes covid-19 vaccines more toxic and deadly” and so much more REALLY GOOD.

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