Kari Lake’s win in the Arizona gubernatorial primary (as well as ALL 15 Trump endorsed candidates) was a super-exciting win for America First Patriots who worked so very hard to overcome the insidious Democratic and RiNO vote fraud – it tells us that we CAN defeat it, and that’s all we need to know.

Then, at the CPAC conference, the gloves came off and people were dropping truth bombs left and right. Steve Bannon called for an end to the Federal Reserve (Hallelujah!). Mike Lindell projected that SCOTUS will overturn the 2020 election before the end of the month. I’m including a fantastic speech by Nigel Farage in which he describes the Globalist Marxist attempted takeover of the world. But Trump’s 2+ hour speech was off-the-hook in SO MANY WAYS and should be required listening for anyone who claims to be a patriotic American. In this speech, Trump painted the picture of how the ship of our country is about to turn right-side-up again in the very near future. Perhaps the biggest ovation of the night was when he called for abolishing the Department of Education. MAKE IT SO, #1!!!

A part of me has been very anxious that the impending economic shift might actually be the Great Reset in disguise…. in which 13 out of 14 of us will be eliminated, and the rest transhumanized and enslaved as sport for the evil Elite.

After the events of the past week, however – I’m much more at ease. The call for the Fall of the Cabal is now public, and in short order it will be impossible for anyone with half a brain to deny that Evil has been chipping away at our freedoms for a very, very long time and must be obliterated. There may be some who are too proud to admit they’re wrong, but that’s okay – if those people can only admit to themselves that mainstream media is pure propaganda, that’s enough. Then of course there’s the Cabal members themselves, who cannot logically make an admission of Treason.

Even though I promote Trump, it’s still not HIM that has my confidence, but the entire team behind him who has worked for decades to defeat the Cabal. Trump is just the talking head, the personality. The team behind him is the real brains and brawn of the operation and they invited him to run. Call them the Alliance, or the White Hats, or Q or whatever – this team deserves the greatest honor that can possibly be bestowed upon a single human or group of humans for recognizing the problem (Thank you, Eisenhower and JFK) and taking action necessary to stop it in its tracks.

What’s next?

We still haven’t received John McAfee’s Dead Man Drop. 31 Terabytes of evidence of entrenched Cabal corruption. That day will arrive very soon! This info, and other “hydrogen bombs of intel” (in the words of Juan O Savin) will be detonating in the coming weeks.

The global economy is shifting away from worthless fiat currency to asset-backed currency; a significant portion of humanity has already made the switch and the Globalist countries are trying desperately to hold out, because once we make that switch they lose the ability to steal, pillage and usurp our money. (As Congress just did in passing it’s Orwellian-termed $740 Billion “Inflation Reduction Act” which is just another way for them to siphon our life force energy into their pockets).

The Lion’s Gate is in full swing, climaxing tomorrow, and this energetic shift could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back as more and more people join the Great Awakening, rejecting the Great Reset.

My favorite phrases of this time are Where We Go One, We Go All – motto of Q Anons, and The Best is Yet to Come – a Trumpism, which I know to be true.

I’m ready! Let’s GOOOOOOOOO!!!

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