Everywhere I turn, people I respect are saying:

Go Inward

I sit at sunset with a candle in my window, freshly anointed with Sage, a cup of Frankincense and Lemon oil tea at my side, pondering my beautiful walk on the beach this afternoon. Arvo Part Da Pacem has just started, and I am at peace.

Nassim Haramein states that the Etheric Field / Prana / Chi / Divine Matrix / Biofield (whatever you want to call it) is a network of synapses that extends from the infinite quantum micro universe, to the infinite macro Universe; Nodes, if you will, of electrical communication that transcend space. Our body acts as one of these nodes in the 3rd Dimension, and Meditation enables the connections within and without, the same way that experience enables synapses as the brain is growing in a young child.

We ARE multi-dimensional beings who have been severely repressed, a thousand different ways, for thousands of years. As individuals and as a species, too many Nodes are disconnected – which causes us to miss a LOT of information.

I am finding more value in Going Inward, these days, creating more mass of Connection, versus expressing, or researching, or producing …. in order to become more fully aligned with the Universe.