When I put it ALL together with all the facets of all the info streams, I begin to see the clarity of a picture. I’ve been practicing my sifting techniques, and although what is true today might not be true tomorrow I feel the urge to capture a grain of sand in the wind today; a snapshot of this moment.

After Bidan’s horrifying speech the other night, I hope you fully comprehend the level of THEATER being played out in front of our eyes.

FJB literally threatened Americans!!
Completely unacceptable!

The fact that the set of the speech was designed to emulate the set of the despotic speech in V is for Vendetta is what gives it away for me – Using the Satanic colors of black & red, with military at the ready in the background, all the sharp angles, fists pumping & spittle spewing… it couldn’t have bee more over the top! And then, they turned it up to 11 by hiring John Pederast the very next day!! LMAOROTF

I tell ya, it’ll be very interesting to hear Trump Clone’s speech tonight.

  • – The Central Bank Digital Currencies march forward toward global enslavement.
    – Ethereum (JPMorgan) evolves beyond the archaic crypto currency hindrances.
    – Ripple, intended for international transactions, is the Globalist coin.
    – McAfee’s Whackd coin with its terabytes of evidence against the Cabal is about to launch.
    – Hundreds of millions of starving people all over the world are rioting against oppressive Globalist regimes.
    – Democrats are fleeing to the Republican party.
    – There’s a tsunami of Whistleblowers.
    – Corporate Fraudsters commit their crimes in public with complete lack of shame.
    – Many important judicial decisions have been made against the Globalists
    – Bidan is the front for a shadow (Globalist) government
    – Trump is still Commander in Chief
    – Iraq has passed through the eye of the needle
    – Networks of Conscious, higher frequency humans are blooming.
    – Quantum technology is coming to the forefront (healing, energy, etc)
    – We are now in a global gold-backed economy

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The WHO is trying very hard to remove our bodily autonomy. You have a limited opportunity to express your disproval through James Roguski’s operation STOP THE WHO.

Take action to protect Parental Rights by September 12

Self-Responsible Education:

G. Edward Griffin’s Creature from Jekyll Island History of Federal Reserve
Cynthia McKinney grilling Rumsfeld Missing trillions, human trafficking, 9/11
Inside the CIA: On Company Business FANTASTIC documentary