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Love Must Win

This morning I started madly writing in an attempt to make sense of all the unprocessed info floating around my brain. I wrote for hours, and then I recorded myself reading those words. First time in a long time, I recorded myself playing my horn and finally I distilled it all down to the most […]

On Generosity

There is no greater trait that reveals the Divine nature of a person than Generosity, for it reveals if a person is self-centered, or other-centered. If a person exhibits Generosity as a way of life, they have plugged into the Universal Matrix of which Generosity is the quintessential currency. They are fully aware that to […]

Harnessing Divine Creativity

In the science world, it is often stated that the most important manifestations of Genius are realized before the age of 30. I would agree that the competitive wonder-drive of collegiate & doctoral minds should not be underestimated; but for any monumental discovery by a 20-something, I would counter with one of equal value from […]

Rising Out of Shame & Chaos

From my current perspective I connect my early experiences to the trauma web that blankets the Earth in 3D dysfunction. In polite society, we’re not supposed to talk of such things; but to not talk of abuse enables the perpetuation of it. I wonder how many of my classmates were also being sexually, physically or […]

The Shift

How do you recognize that the shift has happened? Is there one event, a series of events, or is it the culmination of rising energies around the world? Paris, the 11th Saturday of the population rising up – joyfully & in unity – against the extreme fascism of its Deep State government. The French are […]

Rudolph Steiner: Earth Savior


One of my brothers introduced me to the work of Rudolph Steiner many decades ago. As with other geniuses, such as Miles Davis, over time I came to realize that there was an INCREDIBLE breadth of work to discover – not just one subject, but a UNIVERSE of subjects, each addressed with exceptional detail. He […]

No More Boomerang Karma

At this very moment in time, each one of us has a unique & powerful opportunity to ascend to the very best version of our human capabilities. Astrologically, these extremely rare energies are urging us to commune with the Divinity that exists within us and connect with All That Is…. Reach for the Stars, Go […]

The Moment

It’s raining outside, grey and desolate. The full pregnant moon graced the sky the past few nights, radiating her warm hues through skeleton treetops. Today, the almost-reddish tinge of emerging maple flowers makes you look twice; it’s the possibility of life at the very tips of the fractalized tree limbs, shooting endlessly up into dreary […]