As far as I’m concerned, as of Trump’s nationally-televised speech (I haven’t heard anyone else comment on the immense significance of this fact; up until this point, he was relegated to the alt media that rose to prominence due to the fascist fact-checking, censoring Ministry of Truth) humanity has FINALLY declared war on the Globalists. The beauty is that the announcement was made as we enter into the final battle – the culling of all the anti-human, anti-life liars, thieves, rapists, cannibals – in other words, Khazarian Globalist Mafia.

Never in my life did I consider that I might enjoy watching a hanging. But in these past few years, as the depths of depravity have been made public, I can assure you that if at all possible I will be there to witness the end-of-life of those who sold their souls – and the future of humanity – for $$$ and power.

I am already creating the media and stories that will educate future generations about the great peril of replacing the Divine with Evil, for that is the fundamentally the problem.

If your heart is full of Divine Grace, it is NOT possible to kidnap, torture, kill and eat babies.

(I look forward to fostering some of the children who have been horrifically decimated by these anti-humans.)

I have to state yet again that I am not a rabid Trump supporter; he says too many incongruous things and he embodies many things that I find abhorrent. (He has taught me to see beyond the veneer.) I am however in full support of the White Hat military who are carrying out all the operations that will free us from the clutches of these Satanists, who gained control of humanity through the economic system at the very beginning of this Turning.

This is HUGELY important. I’m considering having it etched in stone and placed all around the world for the people who survive the next global, life-decimating catastrophe (flood, mudflood, asteroid etc). Everyone should be in control of their money and local economy. When localization becomes the foundation of society, the concept of centralization is impossible. Currency MUST ALWAYS BE ASSET-BACKED and IN OUR CONTROL! (When my parents’ generation finally realize the treason of Henry Kissinger, in taking us off the gold standard, perhaps that will be the point at which they begin to open their eyes. Perhaps.)

Since I moved and spend time with my mother every day, I have the opportunity to watch what Mainstream Media is saying and doing, and it serves the purpose of solidifying and ratifying, if you will, the work of the White Hats. Yes, the Mainstream Media lies, but most importantly they OMIT, or speak half-truths. I just cannot comprehend how these news anchors live with themselves…. they obviously have no soul whatsoever!

Brazilians, en masse, protesting the Fraudulent Election, which you will NEVER see on MSM

These people are masters of psychological manipulation, knowing exactly what words to say, and what inflections to use, to manipulate the elders who have no idea what’s really going on in the world. At this point I don’t fault the elders, they’re simply following their habits, and when they are forced to come to terms with the truth they will be absolutely devastated. Truth is, we need to get ready to be the anchors for THEIR enlightenment, and many of them will prefer to Go Gently Into the Good Night rather than come to terms with their “unwitting treason”.

For the non-elders who bought into the convenience and conformity of the Great Deception while lambasting those of us who exercised our critical thinking skills – I have no tolerance whatsoever and I will not act to ease their suffering. That will be a job for other people.

Today, I feel elated. I feel empowered. I feel at peace. I feel jubilant because we are about to enter the Golden Age, which I have worked toward for DECADES! Yes there is a sense of vindication! But that is a personal feeling, and truly what I am mostly feeling is excitement for all of humanity!

Just as I despise all forms of slavery, I state unequivocably that I am VERY GRATEFUL that there are people of African and Asian and South American heritage in this country, because to my sensibilities it is the richness of diversity that makes life so exciting, and creates the best possible solutions.

The future of our leadership looks very much like the Council in the Matrix…. a mix of age, background, gender, but counting on the wisdom of age to lead the way. Only people who have lived 5 or so decades can truly fathom the importance of experience. Youth has its advantages, but so does experience…. and they should work together in perpetual balance.

The future is GLORIOUS, my friends. And it’s almost here! Say a prayer, lend a hand, state your gratitude…. and may we arrive safely, and soon.

1,000 Blessings to you!!!!