Today is a day of radical change, upon Trump’s speech tonight at 9pm.

I have just completed a body of work that was created from the cross-currents of different Inspirations / Downloads / Divine Communications. Many years ago I had a download that was two words: DEMAND IT! out of which I created a kind of social justice website which found a little bit of play with some elementary classes.

I once heard Josh Fox asking Obama what was needed to assure a win, and Obama’s answer was, “Demand it.” Once people fully realize that the Cabal has been keeping free energy from us, it will be like a moment of divine insanity after which people will be looking for answers, and from that moment on, there will be many extraordinary opportunities for connection. Humanity can unite very simply under the banner, FREE ENERGY NOW!

This is my final addition to the Free Energy Now body of work. I very much enjoy it and I hope you do to! What an incredible learning experience. I will be making a permanent page for it in the near future.