I remember, back when I was an unwitting Globalist, and deeply involved in the anti-fracking movement (a noble cause), Josh Fox went to visit Obama to talk about Fracking and when Josh asked what he could do to speed things along, Obama’s response was, “Demand it.”

No truer words were ever said.

The most powerful ways to effect change are to place pressure on our elected officials – DEMAND they address the issue – and to become actively involved in the political process. Another important step is to constantly update your awareness of what is happening, and the learning curve is very, very steep. It takes courage, perseverance, grit and the willingness to sometimes make mistakes, be wrong and learn and grow.

I study what’s happening every day, and I process new information with old. I see what didn’t happen, what did happen, and take into the account that half of what I see is probably CGI, hologram or other manipulation.

So, when I saw this recent interview of Noam Chomsky with Russell Brand, it is the sweetest form of vindication, and it adds tremendous weight to my research, and to all of the people I know who immigrated here to escape Communism, who say the very same thing. Chomsky’s integrity is titanium. I’m so glad he’s still alive, to help us comprehend what’s happening!

Undeniable fact: The rest of the world has already arisen against the Globalist tyrants.

The Dutch, the Germans, the Italians, the Australians, the Panamanians, the Sri Lankans, the Canadians, the Pakistanis…. these countries are reverberating with the collective voices of their people, who are shouting and singing and demanding and end to globalist tyranny!!!

Italians celebrate when Draghi resigns! THAT is a party!!!!

What would an American victory party look like????

It’s time for Americans to get off our asses and make some SERIOUS noise. Trump is WILDLY popular, beyond imagination! And not just in the US, but all across the world. Whether you want to rally behind him or not, he is the icon of faith, of change, of hope, of the brilliant future that awaits us if we make it across the finish line. Even if we don’t love him, we can harness the tremendous energy he has vortexed this past year to RISE UP and WIN.

I remember when I learned about life in Berlin just before the 2nd World War. Society had become deranged… unhinged. Completely off the moral compass. Well, that’s exactly where we are right now, with the Globalist Transsexual Agenda, and it’s a clue that the shit is about to hit the fan as the Evil Ones take what is hopefully their last few punches.

It’s time to be Courageous, America.

Despite the uncertainty that is swirling around Earth, my attention is focused on connection with the Divine, and seeking guidance from Source. That is where I get my peace, my focus, my balance, and the subjects for my blog posts.

In Loving Unity, We have the ability to defeat the Globalists.
If we do not, there will be no life worth living.

It’s Now, or Never.


Note: There is an in-depth and heavily censored documentary by Janet Osebaard called The Fall of the Cabal which should be mandatory viewing for anyone interested in doing their own research.
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