The Globalist goal has been – through censorship and propaganda – to flood the internet with so many different perspectives that it’s impossible to know what’s true.

Mission accomplished! Except, those who have achieved any level of Fifth Dimensional capabilities (beyond the 5 senses) have learned how to discern truth from fiction. 

It’s an Information War, designed to keep people distracted, in fear, in separation. Designed to instill doubt and conformity, and to discourage any form of critical thinking. Mission accomplished! Except, those who have achieved any level of Fifth Dimensional capabilities have learned how to stay out of the trap, and actively maintain and hone their critical thinking skills. 

Note: 75 million Americans remain unvaccinated. Congratulations to US! We have a chance of surviving whatever comes next. (Hopefully it’s something to look forward to…)

What is omitted from the CIA Mighty Wurlitzer Mockingbird Media (MSM) is more important than the propaganda that’s forced down the collective public throat. Absolutely no coverage of the almost-constant, MASSIVE anti-vax, anti-Globalist protests around the world over the past 2 years; absolutely no coverage of the record-breaking rallies that Trump has been having every few weeks for the past year. No coverage whatsoever of vaccine injuries and deaths (500k Americans dead due to the vax, according to Dr. Russell Blaylock), or the global coalitions of doctors, scientists and health professionals who have opposed the Covid assault, and no coverage at all of the mountains of evidence that has been unearthed, reveling how diabolical the not-vaccines are. 

Note Dr. Birx admitted last week that she knew that the not-vaccines would not stop transmission of the “virus”. Which is bizarre, since the very definition of a vaccine is to prevent transmission of a virus. (Can you say FRAUD, FELONY and TREASON?)

Truth: Mainstream Media IS THE VIRUS!

Their singular job is to conform public awareness to the Globalist agenda.

The Globalist Agenda – whether you want to call it 6uild 6ack 6etter or Agenda 21/31 or The Great Reset (it’s all the same thing) – ends with the complete destruction of humanity. The goal, as stated on the Globalist moment the Georgia Guidestones (recently destroyed, and Bourla, the head of Pfizer, stated that he’d pay out of his own pocket to have it rebuilt) was to reduce the population to 500 million people (kill 13 out of 14 people) and the remaining humans would be enslaved – chipped and fully controlled – to be used in ways that I don’t care to go into at this moment. (Some forms of evil should not be repeated too many times.)

I look at the way my family got hooked into it, and so I know it’s not about intelligence. These bastards weaponized psychology, which is why the phenomenon is called Mass Formation Psychosis. When you’re a cog in the system, fully engaged with the debt culture – then you’re a sitting duck. Which is how they hooked everyone – threats. “Take the shot or lose your job,” and most people cannot even begin to imagine life outside the Cabal system. The Cancerous Culture of Consumerism did it’s job very well. 

The American Dream morphed into the Globalist Nightmare. 

“If you don’t like gas prices, buy an EV!” Easy-peezy! Cuz we all have a spare $50k sitting around! Truth is, the batteries of an EV are so toxic, it’s illegal to dispose of them in the US; they have to be exported to countries that don’t have our environmental standards. Not to mention, the lithium is mined by ENSLAVED KIDS, 95% of all charging stations are powered by coal or gas, and when you have to replace the battery (way too often) it’s $20k or more. But, by all means – go get an EV! Save the world!

This is the kind of hypocrisy – and dereliction of Free Citizen responsibility – that gives me violent thoughts, knowing full well that high performance cars in Europe have been on the road for many years running on Salt Water. No catalytic converter, no battery. 1 liter takes you 400 miles. I could go on for a LONG TIME about all the alternatives – especially now that Cold Fusion is a reality, but this one example is enough to show the ridiculous hypocrisy of EVs. This information is very easy to find for anyone who has the integrity to lift a finger to do some research.

And climate change…. oh my. 

How many times in my lifetime have I heard that Miami will be underwater if we don’t change the way we live? Too many times to count. Somehow, Miami is doing great. Al Gore, Globalist poster child with the carbon footprint of a small country, has been threatening us for decades and when that got old they brought in a Globalist poster CHILD to shame us – Greta Thunberg, who is “handled” by a Rothschild, if she isn’t one herself.

Truth: Nikola Tesla invented weather weapons a century ago and the Globalists acquired all his research when he died. Every storm, every drought is tightly controlled via HAARP arrays which exist around the world. So, when you think about the extraordinary hurricanes, tornadoes and typhoons, you can imagine someone, somewhere, working a joystick – making sure the center of the hurricane hits exactly where the most damage will be done. 


When we witness extreme weather situations, we are literally watching the Globalists enact their plans to herd humanity into smaller and more controllable areas – in the not so distant future, the plan is to have whoever is left, live in tiny little smart apartments where there is no privacy, no peace, no quality of life whatsoever (go back and read 1984 – it’s not fiction, it’s a blueprint. Just like The Matrix.). See above link to learn more about Agenda 21/30.


Important to note that CHILDREN are the real currency of the Globalists. Not only do they torture them and drink their blood (Adrenochrome is the fountain of youth – so when you see an older woman looking 30 years old, you can be sure she’s a globalist) but they also hunt them for sport, and their flesh is a delicacy. Children are preferred for sex. Why is this? Not only their controllability and small orifices, but the younger they are, the closer they are to God – and so for the Satanic Globalists, every rape of a baby is an obligatory assault on the One True God. 

Is there any hope?

Is this the end of the United States and the experiment of freedom? Or is there a possibility that the fraudulent election will be overturned and Trump will return as POTUS, to unleash the asset-backed economy and clean up the Communist Biden Disaster? This is what Q has been saying this whole time. But, whether Q is a psy-op or not – back door to The Great Reset – remains to be seen.

The BRICS coalition (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa – designed to replace the Cabal SWIFT international payments system) is growing by leaps and bounds, and upon the inclusion of Saudi Arabia this morning, announced a new Global Reserve Currency which will destroy the petrodollar in the next few days. They have created an asset-backed economy, where every country’s currency is backed by gold – which means that inflation / deflation is impossible, and currency parity is the goal. The singular goal of BRICS is to destroy the Globalist network and create economic parity in the world.

Russia’s interference in the Ukraine is quite simply to disengage the Globalist central money laundering machine which has existed there for a very long time, to disengage the Nazi stronghold which is currently led by Zelensky (but overlorded by Soros) and to dismantle the many Globalist bioweapon labs (last I heard, 17 were already dismantled.)

How will the (potential) cleanup work? 

Truth is, there is TREMENDOUS wealth in this world, enough to make every human very comfortable. In a possible re-distribution of that wealth, every human will be given a one-time payout of a significant sum of money, but you must be in your home country to access that money. That would make all the illegals leave all the countries they’ve invaded (another Soros venture), and that would solve MANY problems around the world. Then, we could reinstate strong borders and immigration laws, and there would be fewer reasons for people to want to immigrate in the first place. Nobody REALLY wants to leave their homeland if conditions are fine. The point of the White Hats is to create a world that is built on equality – parity – quality of life for all.

Then, we could hang all the lying bureaucrats who participated in and profited from the Covid scam, and we could dismantle all the corporations that engaged in censorship, propaganda and information harvesting, and throw the leaders into a deep dark dungeon forever – and then we could make Artificial Intelligence (AI) illegal – FOREVER. 

Ultimately, this entire information war – decades in the making – has been about the implementation of AI, of which the final solution is to eradicate humanity and all life on earth.

Let’s hope Trump DOES return, and immediately. He left a conference in Florida a few days ago with a full police escort; that was very promising.

In the future of our dreams – the prime directive is DO NO HARM. It sounds so simple, and yet it’s actually quite complicated. We have to heal society which has been traumatized by the Globalists for thousands of years, and that will take time. 

Note: There is an exceptionally in-depth (and heavily censored) documentary by Janet Osebaard called The Fall of the Cabal which should be mandatory viewing for anyone interested in doing their own research.
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