– Juliana Kaplan, January 25, 2021

If we stop acquiescing to our own enslavement, we cannot be enslaved.

– David Icke

David Icke has recognized for several decades now that there is a ruthless cabal seeking to take over the world and he has diligently been teaching us about it in his books and lectures. He was given the gift of this sight/realization back in the 1990s and has filled stadiums and sold many millions of books in his efforts to educate the world about this global coup d’etat, so his information has become fundamental common knowledge to the Truther movement.

I have accepted the role of Renegade for many years; it is not an easy path!!! You have to be able to see beyond the manipulations, and then you have to step out of the reach of those manipulations, and this requires a very serious commitment and willingness to let go of the comfortable, familiar & convenient. Then, you have to find and hone your superpower skills to be able to help create the necessary change. Some people create off grid communities, some people are becoming State Nationals and educating on that subject, some people are invested in the holistic / quantum healing arts, some are bringing to life a new education paradigm. There are infinite ways to envision and bring to life a reality in which people are truly FREE.

If we don’t see the picture, then the future for humanity is very unpleasant indeed. If we do see the picture then we can begin to build a world worth living in.

– David Icke

Alternative economies exist. Crypto currencies, local currencies, barter systems, gold and silver, job shares…. free energy…. the grand possibilities of our future are blindingly amazing. In fact, if we only had ONE form of free energy available to us, the quality of our lives would skyrocket instantly. And if we had two pieces of quantum technology available to us – the whole concept of money disappears forever!

My job right now is to help educate people about free energy – what it is, how we can implement it, the profound implications of it, and my first question to you is this: What would your life be, if you didn’t have to work for money to pay for food, energy and housing? How would your life be better if you had a car (probably one that flies) that uses etheric energy, as Tesla unveiled to the world? How would your life be better if you had a device that powered your home 24/7 with zero cost to you and zero maintenance? How would your life be different if you were in possession of a replicator (called the Goose) that would make anything you desire – clothes, books, food, tools – all out of thin air?

FACT: There is enough energy in a thimblefull of air to power your entire life. This knowledge has been hidden from us by the Cabal so that they can control us with petroleum and whatever else they invent, like the Green New Deal (renewable energy tech is not just bad for the environment; it’s worse by far than petroleum!!!).

To this end: Hydrogen is the Magical Molecule that provides all this energy; it is the most abundant molecule in the universe, and it is all connected, and it all communicates instantly. Hydrogen will become known as the force behind all free / quantum / zero-point energy.

The entire system we refer to as the Matrix is designed to keep people poor, dependent and stupid. The financial system has been programmed – via taxes & inflation – to siphon tremendous amounts of money into Aladdin (BlackRock’s AI), constantly shifting the balance of power in one direction, constantly creating more and more people who are unable to provide for themselves.

The Financial System is a TRAP! And that trap is about to spring this coming Wednesday, when the Federal Reserve announces yet another interest rate. Without a spark of Divine intervention, our world will immediately descend into a perilous downward spiral in which will kill billions of people.

The new economic system the Cabal is planning for us represents absolute enslavement. It is already active in China via the Social Credit Score system, in which the people are treated worse than farm animals. To question whether or not I’m stating fact here is negligent.

The only way that we can avoid that fate is by NON COMPLIANCE.

Another FACT: There is a VERY DIFFERENT financial system waiting in the wings for humanity to rise up and demand it. It’s already there and waiting! It doesn’t need to be invented or engineered! It’s asset-backed and puts the power of money back in the hands of the people, just as Trump has been saying he wants to put the power of the government back in the hands of the people!

Non-compliance is SIMPLE when the answer is already there. If we stand up in one voice and demand an asset-backed system that is not ruled over by banksters – we will get it! But we MUST DEMAND IT!

And now for something completely different:

From Dr. Judy Mikovitz:

The Basic Lie: How the CDC Broke the Law to Declare a Public Health Emergency

On March 24, 2020, the CDC changed how death certificates are reported, but only for COVID. What the change did was it allowed them to move down and de-emphasize every pre-existing condition and elevate COVID as the primary cause of death.

By Doing So, They Violated Three Federal Laws

  1. The Administrative Procedures Act – Every single federal agency has to do the same thing the same way.
  2. The Paperwork Reduction Act – They removed the ability for public comment.
  3. The Information Quality Act – No federal agency can publish information that is not verifiable and accurate.

Dr. Henry Ealy: “So when they changed the death certificates to emphasize COVID, they actually hyperinflated death certificates … by 88.6% to 94.0%.”

Learn more HERE.