They’re trying to push the button so hard, the economy fails

– Michael Cottrell

There’s a war raging all around us right now and the economy is the goal. The news out of Jackson Hole this morning was as depressing as the news of the IRS hiring armed agents.

The Attack on America is Full-Frontal.

Possibilities / Probabilities

It is possible that there are 2 opposing factions vying for economic control, and both systems are built on gold-backed currency. The positive economy will use distributed ledgers on decentralized blockchain technology in which every person retains control and sovereignty of all aspects of their digital self.

In this possibility of the future economy, there is a Debt Jubilee resulting from a Gold Treaty signed in the early 1990s by 204 countries, through the elimination of all derivative products and derivative sub products on the market. There will be no more debt-based economy.

In this system, each person has an account on the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and we are the sole managers of our accounts. No more bank tellers. I don’t know how the authentication works, and I don’t have experience with the QFS AI.

There will also be silver and gold coins and all currency will be tracked. The advantage to tracking is that they say that human and drug and weapon traffickers will be stopped – but it seems to me there’s ALWAYS a Black Market somewhere… They can pay in diamonds or platinum or any other goods, especially now that we’re heading into a time of famine and many have stored great warehouses of survival food.

Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick – great documentary.

I try to temper the pessimism with optimism and creativity and focusing on all that’s GOOD in the world. That being said, it’s clear at this point what we DON’T want:

We do NOT want to engage with a Centralized Blockchain Currency
We do NOT want to engage with Ripple for International Settlements

That would be the Great Reset/ Social Credit Score system
The polar opposite of Freedom

This Centralized system is Death to Humanity. Just as they turned the Social Credit Scores of many millions of Chinese Citizens to RED yesterday – effectively shutting down an entire city – they can do this to everyone who opts in to that system. You become immediately expendable and powerless. (I shared video of the Chinese uprising in yesterday’s blog post)

Catherine Austin Fitts

Holder-ship of precious metals a smart way to be empowered in the next financial system, which could be a stepping stone to a more permanent economic system. I have secured a way to purify water, and am taking stock of my warm clothes for this winter. Got a big load of firewood. It’s good to have a solar-powered light and radio. Anything could go down at any point in time.

Always be prepared. Do the best you can. These boy scout mottos are extremely useful for guiding us all through life. Take care of yourself and when you can, take care of others too!

Watch Uninformed Consent An in-depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who’s controlling it, and how it’s being used to inject an untested, new technology into almost every person on the planet.

and just for a good belly laugh – a little Ron De Santis humor
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