IT IS POSSIBLE that the Globalist plan has been defeated, and the Globalists are in their DEATH THROES. Iraq has already revalued in-country and it is possible (not certain!) that rate will be made public this weekend.

Yes I see the massive Globalist infrastructure being implemented and yes Ripple is now a member of the WEF…. so, just as with our choice regarding the vaccine, we have a choice on whether or not we enter into and participate in THAT reality. Remember: Quantum healing is already here. Quantum energy is already here. Quantumly activated humans are already here. There is NO NEED for the Trans-Human Agenda!!!

Truth: Anything offered in the digital universe is a poor representation of what’s available without AI / by elevation of frequency in the 5th Dimension

* Every action we make as individuals and a society is a CHOICE either toward, or away, from Personal Sovereignty and Connection with the Divine. *

But let’s not be so serious!!! It’s a moment to Celebrate!!! The Global Gold-Standard is Upon Us!!! At the very least, this integrity of currency will change the world for the positive in many important ways.

May it lead us to the Infinite Blessings of the Creator!!!

The Global Uprising is happening RIGHT NOW!

Frequency is EVERYTHING. With all the fear-mongering of everything at this point in time, we need to do whatever we can to keep safe, healthy and provided for. It is recommend to have a conscious breathing schedule every day – time when you sit and engage in at least the exercise inhale8, hold8, exhale8 with your eyes closed.

My own routine is a quick deep breathe that I do in a state of relaxation – I get to the point where my body has a rush of breath in, and then a slow exhale. It’s not done consciously; it’s very much like a reflex when I get to a certain point of relaxation; acting as a kind of reset – or meditation – or even nap! After 3 or 4 of these breaths, I’m restored, relaxed, with a fresh mind and new energy.

Dutch Farmers this weekDo you comprehend why they’re protesting so profusely?

I want to recommend this song for helping to jolt your personal frequency. This is Mem Nahadr singing “I Found God in Myself” (Ntozake’s Song) I was listening to it over and over again, against Nina Simone’s “Wild is the Wind”.

I want to reiterate how important it is to maintain balance whatever way you can – rise up to accept all the challenges facing you/us/me.

All we can really do, is do the best we can.

You Are Not Alone!

The Legions of Awakened people spread like wildfire….
we are Local, we are Global, we are Connected.

Chongquing City, China 8/24/22. ALL QR Codes Switched TO RED! Citizens RISE UP @ 2am!!!
FYI I go back and edit my posts …. sometimes my language is a bit too foul for posterity, which always judges very harshly, according to somebody else’s rules. Sometimes I’m wrong, and I go and correct my mistake. Sometimes I clarify, sometimes I embellish. Always, the information I present is intended to inspire you to go digging. I cannot share some links to Telegram where I get a lot of this information, but the information is accessible on alt (non-censored) search engines such as Bitchute, Rumble, Telegram, Brighteon, Waychi etc.
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