Ready or not, here we go!

Banks are overleveraged $2 Quadrillion in DERIVATIVES

On one of the coming days life as we know it will turn upside down. Yesterday, the totally-underwater bond market de-coupled from the stock market and MSM completely ignored this monumental piece of news. I predict that the stock market will crash to smithereens, the presidency will be declared null, Sanctuary cities will become riotous and we’ll end up in Martial Law. That is where all the good stuff begins (including NESARA/GESARA).

Stay tuned for the infamous 10 Days of Darkness!

One year ago, Venezuela introduced its new gold/asset-backed currency, and issued new currency dropping 6 zeros. This step – in conjunction with Zimbabwe recently (and very successfully) issuing gold currency and Iraq in the process of revaluing its Dinar – is perfect evidence that the Global Currency Reset is winning the war for the global economy. 2/3 of the global population is already operating under the asset-backed BRICS system, rejecting the globalist/imperialist fiat debt economy.

Yes, we are going digital, that is a fact and it is ultimately NOT perfect. What is most important is WHO controls the new economy. We do not want Klaus Schwab (WEF) and his globalist cronies controlling our economy because their intentions are pure evil, and humanity will not last long under that regime. They offer a fiat Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)… this is exactly what we oppose. What we DO want is the White Hats with their decentralized blockchain, continued cash and an asset-backed (non-debt) economy. In this positive Global Currency Reset system, every person will be in control of their own accounts and we escape the debt-slave system that has controlled us for as long as we can remember.

Trump referenced the Global Currency Reset (GCR) on several occasions – his first CPAC speech upon leaving the White House, his conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzoe Abe, and by code in several videos and speeches. He and everyone involved believed that it would have happened by now, and the fact that it has not yet happened is evidence of the tremendous and deep fraud that is embedded in our system. We cannot switch over to the new system while there are still Globalists in positions of any power whatsoever. Logically, that means that it cannot happen while this fraudulent presidential charade continues.

All banks who have declared the intent to conform to ISO20022 regulations, necessary for the transition to all-digital commerce, will be in compliance in November (next month). Many are already conducting tests, successfully.

It is very much looking like Ripple (XRP – gold backed) and Stellar XLM – silver backed) will be the crypto currencies used to settle international transactions. I’m not sure yet how this will work but there are plenty of people putting out possible scenarios, including the hype that they are “coins of consciousness” which makes no sense whatsoever, being that XRP debuted as THE bank coin!!! Perhaps this coin has evolved to become more than that…. I have not seen proof of it. But I leave the door open for that possibility.

The entire picture has not yet come into focus, but absolutely, more pieces of the puzzle have been put into place and I remain blissful and prayerful that we will end up with the Aquarian Dream of 1000 years of peace and prosperity, as quantum technology is unveiled and our lives become full of Grace!!!!