I’m watching this economic shift very closely and I can assure you the vast majority of what is REALLY happening, is not made public. We have so little official information and people have been making wild conjectures based, perhaps, on their own desires, for personal gain. (whodathunk.)

When an exciting piece of news comes out, it’s important to corroborate with other non-related, trusted sources. NOT Snopes (dear God, what a psy-op), and not MSM in any capacity. There are a few people who have been exceptionally responsible over time to stay grounded in their reporting and I like to check in with them to see if I’m on track. Even so, there are double and triple agents galore, so I ultimately I only trust my own SELF.

From my perspective, we seem to be in the Time Between Times.

The QFS is online as of September and the blockchain is building, successfully. Transactions are being made. Digital currencies are coming online. Ethereum (now controlled by JPMorgan) innovated Smart Contracts, but the technology now exists on other blockchains, such as Ripple XRP, which originally presented to the public as THE CENTRAL BANK COIN. Ripple XRP is gold-backed and will be used as the international transaction coin, from currency to currency. Everything will be gold-backed, so that should be simple. XLM (Stellar) is silver-backed and I’m not quite sure what role it will play.

My filtering of all different kinds of reporting is informing me that the greater war is between the Cabal’s Great Reset, which is fiat Central Bank Digital Coin (CBDC) hooked into an AI blockchain system that is hooked into your carbon credit score and your health and your education etc (aka the Chinese Credit Score System), and the Alliance’s Global Currency Reset which is gold- or asset- backed digital and physical currency on a benevolent AI blockchain system (QFS) which gives the power of money back into the hands of the people. Already, 2/3 of the world is operating under the BRICS asset-backed system. (And now Russia is pushing crypto currencies. I can’t keep up with it all, change is happening too fast and there are too many competing philosophies being pushed.)

Web 3 is the name of the jail the Globalists want to put us in. It’s where the Transhumanist Metaverse (to be centered in Dubai) takes over our lives and removes freedom, forever. Humanity is destroyed.

There’s not much tangible proof of progress toward the Alliance’s Global Currency Reset, but, Web3 is plenty of evidence of progress toward the Great Reset. THAT FUTURE is slavery beyond anything we have ever known before, and people need to wake up to it FAST. This game of chicken being played right now is cutting it mighty close.

Here’s a little bit about the Great Reset financial blockchain, aka as Web3:

  • – Web3 is a decentralized blockchain aka distributed ledger technology (DLT) that is able to track transactions, make contracts and (ostensibly) remain private. It’s an accounting tool that allows for clarification between inventory on all sides of a transaction through digital code, called smart contracts, stored in blocks of the blockchain.
  • – Web3 is vital to the International Payment System iso20022 which goes live in November. It keeps track of the finances of individuals, companies, and governments. (This sounds very much like the QFS.)
  • – Blockchain, DLTs and decentralized solutions are already being built all around the world.

The vast majority of people have no idea anything is happening.

The shift will be a sudden jerk of the rug out from underneath us all, and we’ll fall directly into that jail cell. If you speak against the government, you lose your money. If you pick your nose, you can’t go to the movies. If you give the wrong answer, you lose your license. If you’re imperfect, you die. You can get credits by prostituting yourself and by never questioning anything you’re told.

But then again, with brain implants and endless jabs, there will be no opposition in any case. If we are “lucky enough” to remain, we will be absorbed into the Borg. What a dismal future scenario.

Which is why I’m so focused on making sure the RIGHT thing happens. We haven’t fully arrived in the new Time yet – we are still in this in-between time until it’s publicly announced and the education begins. Which side will win? That is what we’re all waiting to find out.

The Alliance, if it does what it is currently saying it will do, will bring us fully into the Quantum Aquarian future by the end of the year, and this is what I pray for. Every human will be provided for, Nature will be revered, and over time balance will be restored once evil has been conquered. And, we’ll have all that awesome Quantum tech to play with! (Flying cars, etheric energy, replicators, portals, etc)

Meanwhile the rumors are flying like crazy. Fear mongering, directed storms, societal breakdown, hopium…. it’s crazy on every level. But, THIS is the time that we’ve been preparing for! Remember to stay calm in the midst of The Storm.

In Fact: We can DIRECT The Storm with our intention.

Power to the Alliance!

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