Every day is just a little bit crazier than the last!

I’m content to be connecting more with Nature these days, praying and preparing and Manifesting the Best Possible Future into being. The weather has been stunning, the tomatoes and peaches are falling to the ground, and it’s the best blackberry year I’ve ever witnessed. SOOO much to be thankful for!!!

Full-on Game Theory

If viruses existed, then nothing would be more true than the statement, The Media Is The Virus, because of the insidious weaponized psychological warfare against the people of this country and the world in general. Smiling while telling bold-faced lies, pretending to have y/our best interest at heart, appealing to the “greater good” while in the process of destroying the greater good.

The pharmaceutical industry is also The Virus. (A better analogy would be The Parasite.) As well as the 3 letter agencies who enabled and enforced the plandemic. If Patriots have their way (political terms are invalid), then the fraudulent 3 letter agencies won’t exist in the near future.

In many ways, nothing can possibly change for the good until the MSM has been completely neutralized. That being said, the growth of the alt media has been absolutely brilliant, as evidenced by the many amazing documentaries released in these past 2 years from Plandemic all the way through to 2000 Mules (and soon The Pit which exposes ALL 2020 vote fraud, national and international!). These documentaries are all created by people who practice Science (Montaigner, Mikovitz, Wakefield, Adams, Malone, Mullis et al) vs. Scientism (Schwab Fauxi Gates et al).

The explosion of documentaries on pedophilia is heartening – exposing the Satanic underworld. It’s only by exposing these horrors that we can Cleanse & Purify Earth, once all devil worshippers have been eradicated. (I don’t think garlic and a cross will be a strong enough weapon; but the Love of the Divine Creator might be…)

The following segment updates the progress of bringing to International Justice the Neuremberg abuses of the plandemic, as coordinated by Dr. Reiner Fullmich.

Globalism in action: learn about Yuval Harare, the Devil himself

Scientism is a threat to National Security

The CDC’s failure to use multivariate analysis shows the total depravity of the vaccine program

The Global Economic System is about to flip

From the 2000 Mules crew: Open.Ink Is a database of drop box surveillance, 10s of thousands of FOIA requests, consent decrees, legal cases, etc. and all of the documents that citizen journalists, researchers etc. have collected, managed in a centralized hub. Centralized archiving of a Decentralized intelligence gathering network – A winning combination!!!

Direct results of the Corporate Constitution of 1871 are the IRS & Federal Reserve, and all citizens as offerings to The Crown/Vatican via their birth certificates (Vatican is named for Vatica, Goddess of the Underworld)
Kash Patel on the Watergate-like Raid of a president’s domicile
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