If it’s now true that a vaccinated person is equal to an unvaccinated person both in status and in susceptibility to getting sick, what was the public benefit of the vaccines in the first place?

And perhaps more importantly, what has been the public harm?

I can’t help feeling a bit caustic now that the plandemic has been declared over. Institutions continue to push the useless mandates of masks and social distancing, and testing. It’s all a farce; literally a test to see how compliant you are. It’s so obviously how they use the combination of fear, censorship and financial chaos to mold society to their will. Just as plotted in The Protocols of Zion.

Most people I know who are fully vaxxed, get sick very easily. The “Long Covid” and it’s heartbreaking to witness. Always accompanied by the obligatory compliance line, “It would have been so much worse if I hadn’t been fully vaccinated….” Meanwhile a dramatic increase in the mortality rate is crowding cemeteries everywhere. It’s a great time to be a funeral director.

I pray very hard for the Right Ending to this universal conflict of Good vs. Evil. I pray we have already escaped the tyrannical clutches of the Globalists who are evil beyond description. I pray the power of LOVE negates EVIL. I pray for the millions upon millions of children and women who are enslaved in the sex trade, and those who are enslaved in every way, that they may achieve sweet Freedom. I pray for those who are sick, and suffering, and alone, and destitute.

I pray that we are about to turn on a dime, and switch to the Great Awakening, where free energy is made available, Infinite Divine Abundance is the rule of law, Quantum healing is employed and we all live by the creed, Do No Harm.

You must paint the picture in order for it to have a chance at becoming reality.

Is this Evil the evil that we must defeat; the event that unites huemanity once and for all time? Or does huemanity drop the ball, and slide irrevocably into the worst-possible transhumanist dystopian nightmare?

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