In 1992, there was a semi-secret Gold Treaty signed by almost all the countries in the world. The goal of this international legislation was to evolve the world to a gold or asset-backed economy, where every country’s currency is equal to the others’. One of the people I follow was involved with this effort. It was a subversive counter-measure to the advance of Agenda 21 by the Cabal (Rothschilds / Illuminati / Deep State / Khazarian Mafia).

Point: there are two opposing forces at work.

Short history: Our country was taken over in a financial  coup d’etat in 1871, right after the Civil War by the Cabal. They created a corporation of the United States and every time you see a flag with a gold fringe on it, that flag represents this corporation (or Maritime Law). Against our Constitution (they created their own) the Cabal implemented the Federal Reserve and the IRS. They were responsible for every stock market crash, they control the weather to get people off their farms, implemented the Rockefeller medical and education systems which are designed to dumb us down and make us obedient, and used psychology to amplify the Impossible American Dream to the world. They use the media as a tool to “program” our reality. All the while, they are siphoning money every which way they can so that more and more and more people are destitute and unable to survive.

Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln, FDR, Eisenhower & Kennedy all warned us about them. After JFK’s assassination a coalition of generals came together to combat this invisible enemy; this group is known as the Alliance. Q is a part of the Alliance. Trump was invited by the Alliance to run for office. The Alliance is currently in control of the militarily of this country; in fact, we have been under Martial Law since January 2020.

Many people agree that the entire Bidan administration has been a farce, or a “live movie” intended through its audacities to reveal to the public how very bad things had become in our country and in this world. To “awaken” them. Bidan’s granddaughter stated in public the other day that he died 3 years ago.

Clinton was forced at gunpoint to sign NESARA into law (National Economic Security and Reformation Act) in 2000. On the face of it, NESARA / GESARA (the global version) represents the empowerment of humanity for the first time ever. At a deeper level, it represents a new era where evil has no place.

NESARA was supposed to be implemented on 9/11/2001. Instead, on that day we got the WTC attack and the Cabal stole all the gold that was being stored underground of the WTC that was supposed to fund NESARA.

It’s important to to understand how truly evil & anti-human these people are. They have been around for a very, very long time.

The Alliance military was able to capture ALL of the theft & manipulation of the 2020 election. There is a rumor that SCOTUS has already overturned the election, but it simply hasn’t been announced yet.

Klaus Schwab published his book Covid-19: The Great Reset and that alerted the world to this fascist takeover, otherwise known as Agenda 21/30, The Green New Deal, 6uild 6ack 6etter or whatever else you want to call it. In that scenario, we would end up with what’s called Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), in a system where the Central Bank controls all account and – as is happening in any country with a Green Pass – people are having their accounts shut off completely for whatever reason the administration desires. Kind of like what Hochul is trying to do in NY. The Great Reset removes a person’s control over their money, and their ability to move; it is enslavement.

Meanwhile the Alliance has been implementing the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and the associated Global Currency Reset (GCR) which are in line with NESARA and the RV (revaluation). This is a new, POSITIVE, non-debt economy, building the next era of humanity based on quantum physics and consciousness. In this new system, we each control our own accounts – there are no more bank tellers. It’s like Zelle or Venmo. Aside from the Q phone, one of the first quantum rollouts will be MedBeds – a quantum healing device which restores a person’s mental and physical health to perfection according to their DNA.

Note: We URGENTLY need a Digital Citizen Bill of Rights.

Iraq is the kingpin of the GCR and it is expected that they will announce their new currency rate on Sunday. That is the shotgun for the GCR, the RV, NESARA and everything else that is reverting the trillions of dollars in Cabal-siphoned funds Back to We The People.

The Queen’s death triggers a series of actions to begin changing the world to Quantum. It will also trigger the Cabal’s re-action and we don’t yet know what that is, but it might be a good idea to store up enough provisions for a few weeks if you haven’t already.

Iraq is expected to announce its currency revaluation on Sunday, 9/11. That is the floodgates opening. RV will probably be announced from Eastern Europe. Banks around the world are supposed to be shut down from 11th – the 15th, and on the 15th we fully move into the QFS, asset-backed/non-debt economy.

From that point, there will be 120 days to a new (blockchain) election. We go immediately into global martial law – all governments stand down.

We are expecting immediate, massive disclosure of the Cabal’s Depravity, and how it has manipulated the very idea of Freedom over the last 7 decades. The political landscape of the media is currently in massive transition away from the propaganda of the Cabal which has controlled it fully since WWII. It’s evolving to a decentralized model that places a high value on integrity, creativity and collaboration.

We are praying fervently that the transition goes smoothly, in our favor, and that the Cabal doesn’t succeed with any more false flag events.

The post-revolution WILL be televised!