Humanity has split.

Many people perceive it as a political split, others philosophical. Some think it’s religious, some think it’s about gender, or the sanctity of life, or any number of other prominent issues. It’s not any one of those things, but those issues are deeply embedded in the crisis.

How many times have I heard the phrase, ” the government is way too disorganized to (insert your favorite conspiracy theory here ______________)“.

Truth is, there is an exoskeleton that contains and conducts the big hot mess that is our reality. It is designed to seem disorganized, but at the outermost layer of control, it is fanatically organized and serves many different purposes.

At this point in time, the split is between those who recognize that we’re trapped in these Nesting Cages, and those who don’t. Those of us who do, have for the most part lived through the Dark Night of the Soul, made our connection with the Divine, and we are learning how to transcend these invisible cages through the power of LOVE. In this process, we are learning to experience life beyond the five senses, and we are envisioning and building the most beautiful future for all.

Those who don’t recognize the Nesting Cages have been made slaves to the American Dream and are blind to any and all external influences. They can’t begin to comprehend the level of evil that exists in this world, and I hope and pray that they do not become the prey of that evil, as billions upon billions of souls have already been. In their acquiescence and unquestioningness, they have given consent to be manipulated by the various levels of power, and see and experience only what is being programmed for them to see. To their great detriment.

Those of us on the outside can’t seem to communicate with the people on the inside in any kind of rational manner at all, as the power structure constantly runs interference – whether through digital devices or electricity lines or subliminal messaging in the media, or any number of other ways. At this point, it’s almost as if the split has been completed, and the lines have been cut. We’ve all taken our sides, family or not, and are standing ready to go to war against each other, strikingly similar to the Bhagavad Gita (one of the oldest stories on the planet).

Those of us who have transcended – we have no desire to fight. We have rejected fear, embracing unity. We are able to taste how magnificent life can be when the quantum inventions of Tesla and Schauberger are finally released. In fact, we are already experiencing a huge range of quantum healing techniques that have emerged in the past decade, which is how we knew to NOT acquiesce to the medical fascism of the past few years.

My greatest hope is that we’re able to smash these Nesting Cages from the outside; break ’em to a million pieces and free all the people on the inside. Shake them free of their mental and spiritual bondage, and enter into the golden age, all together.