A recent experience with a crypto startup has me wondering what kind of forces are now in play with this switch to a 5G, all wireless, quantum computing world.

IoLite had their token presale back in the spring and with the bonuses, my contribution would have net me about 50,000 of their coins. This company is developing technology that makes smart contracts accessible to everyone by making computer languages obsolete. Essentially, anyone – no matter their experience with computers – will be able to create a smart contract in their native language.

Well, they sent out their request for KYC about a month ago. KYC Is short for “Know Your Customer” it proves who you are. I’ve done several of these in the past years without a hitch for other crypto startups. For some odd reason, I was unable to successfully submit mine to IoLite. I tried, and I tried, and I tried…. and when I had the opportunity to use a different computer, I was able to submit, but was rejected 3 times.

Through my own computer, I was unable to submit at all… and I’m convinced that they put a block against me.

All I can think is, “How can this company – whose entire purpose is transcending computer language – be of ANY value if I have had such incredible problems with their interface?????” I am the kind of person that people call to fix their computer problems. I am NOT a neophyte.

Not only that, but their customer support is horrific, I was unable to reset my password at all and IF they responded to my customer support requests (mostly, they didn’t) it never ever got resolved.

So, my heart goes out to all the people who have put their money into this Israeli company which is at best a scam. I doubt they’ll ever be able to accomplish even the slightest movement toward transcending computer languages.