CommUnity: With Unity.

This past week I had the opportunity to participate in the Celebrate Life Festival, which exists around the work of Thomas Huebl. A space for learning, healing, community and consciousness, it has the following mission statement:

In the company of visionaries, radical creatives, and deeply committed practitioners, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a dynamic field of leading-edge spiritual practice. This year, in response to the intensity of the fragmentation we are experiencing in our world, we will come together to explore essential practices of healing and restoration. The depth of our own personal transformation liberates our capacity to respond creatively and whole-heartedly to the immense collective challenges we are facing.

My brother is actively engaged in the organization and because of him I was embraced into the community, and found myself feeling absolutely at “home”, for the first time in a very, very long time.

What a vital sensation…. feeling comfortable where you are, and with the people around you. So often we don’t have that opportunity, instead we live amidst people who have limited awareness and investment in our life philosophy – and it takes a huge toll on our health and sanity. Building community becomes yet another task added to our long list of things to do.

But, it is so incredibly important to have people to talk to about the things that matter…. and so, build community we must. It takes time, effort and determination. It takes exploration, patience and willingness to stand outside your comfort zone. But the reward is perhaps one of the most beautiful aspects of being human; to be loved unconditionally, to have your mistakes accepted, your successes celebrated.

So don’t ever give up the quest to “find your tribe” because it makes the best of life possible.

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