This morning, I finished planting a garden that I don’t plan to be able to eat from; it was a pay-it-forward gift of my time and energy, so that as the food crisis deepens, SOMEONE will be able to eat from it this summer.

This morning, in my contemplations, I’m at a complete loss. I don’t know why we’ve allowed things to descend so quickly and fully into Hell on Earth.

Chicago is burning, Seattle is burning, people en masse are committing suicide, ODing, dying from vaccinations, while the dollar tanks, the WHO is about to steal whatever health sovereignty we have left after COVIDiocy, gas prices are insane, schools teach our blessed children to hate & mutilate themselves, the entire food system is being systematically destroyed…


I don’t know.

I try to make lists, I try to find and follow people who are trustworthy with their information but as Juan O Savin says, it’s like stepping into quicksand. There’s no foundation on which we can agree anymore. Information has truly been weaponized against us.

I had great hope in the White Hats, but at this point Trump is nothing but a big bag of hot, useless air, doing absolutely nothing but self-aggrandizing every time he’s in front of a camera. He accomplished some great feats as president but he and his team – who have been vocal about having all the information needed to avoid the Biden presidency in the first place – sit on their big fat asses while the country, and by extension the world, burns to the ground.

Yes I know the Cabal is deeply rooted in the government, the legal / judicial systems, education, banking, deathcare… etc… and it’s very tricky to extricate them – but these people have been dishonoring the Constitution ALL THIS TIME and that is punishable by law!

WHY is There No Justice???

I don’t know.

This morning, I am feeling that we have arrived at a very, very dark time.

My mind is literally fried from all the research I’ve been doing, from witnessing America losing the Information War, from trying to invent a clever solution to the insidious Evil that has claimed the soul of the world.

I don’t know what the future brings.

And so, I think from now on I will simply meditate on God and let the chips fall where they may.

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