The more I research, the more removed I become from all that was familiar. Family, friends, experiences, places. I am beyond the point of being baffled, and now I recognize that the multi-decade mind-blowing process has served the purpose of true mind expansion and liberation, and I am eternally grateful.

Covid! Monkey Pox! AIDS!! Oh MY!!

Are you jumping out of your skin yet? Or do you recognize the fear-porn pattern, and have you begun to question and perhaps disregard the narrative?

The TRUTH of what is possible, and what is real, is so vastly different from what we experience in the Matrix, which is designed using Limitation and Servitude. Beyond this Slave Matrix, EVERYTHING is possible and there is Infinite Abundance! The only way to know this, however, is to Question Everything and Believe Nothing until it has been proven to be fact! This requires time, inquiry, action and research.

Not an easy task. But ultimately the only way forward.

At one point, as you continue on this journey and gather information, new friends, experience and perspective, you realize the incredible magnitude of lies that have been sold to us throughout our lives. Misdirections, untruths, half-truths…. this multi-generational cabal has mastered the art of mass manipulation. Unfortunately, their end goal is the end of humanity and that, unfortunately, is unbelievable for those who have been hoodwinked.

I am so grateful that I’ve found local community who know what I know and have worked together to educate and help build the future BEYOND the Grand Manipulation. It has been one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life growing these communities, and I look forward to doing more of it and creating Magnitudes of Love, Unity and Peace!

Electricmeg is a Multimedia Artist who uses her talents to increase Divine Consciousness and create community among like-minded people who desire to create a better world. You can purchase her original music here, and when you buy it, you OWN it! No renting. Purchasing her original music or artwork is the best possible way to support her work.