It’s Almost Perfect!

Many years ago, I bought this amazing leather bag in the Marrakesh Souk, decorated with “worthless” coins. It’s become symbolic for me of the global currency reset.

The very concept of elitism is coming to an end; in fact the economic system itself is crashing to a not-so-natural end and the new, rising quantum economic system is infinitely abundant and empowering.

Instead of grinding the gears of the Matrix, I have spent the past few decades learning about the vast political deceptions and the ever-deepening machinations of global economic tyranny.

This process of researching has many failures and successes, and I have learned to let my heart guide me and to concentrate on the long game, especially as the very foundations of journalism, truth, and integrity have been in heavily manipulated.

Banks are closing all over the world. The economy is in freefall. On the one hand we have Klaus Schwab and the newly-sentient AI attempting to herd us into a world where “We will own nothing and we will be happy” (your responsibility is to get to the bottom of what that means!).

But on the other hand, we have freedom fighters who might just have created the perfect economic coup by creating a parallel and alternative, positive economy, which might just be about to launch, and I support it with one caveat: the all-important Digital Personhood Bill of Rights. The following, I hope, comes to life soon:

N/GESARA is freedom from unlawful taxation & actions by corrupt parties. The new blockchain-based, asset-backed digital currency provides this. There will be no need for banks as we will deal safely, privately and directly with the Quantum Financial System (QFS).

Imagine an asset backed economy, in which every person is in control of their own funds (2/3 of the world is already operating on an asset backed economy, thanks to Russia). Banks can no longer control your money, make money off your money, or ask invasive questions about where you got your funds from. You make transactions yourself, in a secure and proven manner. No fees, no penalties, no absconded funds.

A positive economy IS POSSIBLE! and from my perspective might even be PROBABLE. At least, for those who have chosen freedom from tyranny.

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