The Stillpoint is the prime instrument of my health and sanity.

The Stillpoint is activation of the Bliss Point (Hawkins); Coherence with the Field / Prana / Chi / Orgone / Divine Matrix etc and when you master it, you have access to a whole range of 5D skills, and when you use it to steer through death, you have passed the test to graduate out of 3D, according to Dan Winter.

It takes a lot of forgiveness, gratitude and humility to access the Stillpoint. Patience, willpower, faith… and yet, it’s easier now than it has ever been. The millions of hours of meditation leading to now has chipped away, allowing this sacred knowledge to be accessed by more and more people on the way to a more awakened world. This is an important step on the ascension journey for all, reaching a critical mass of higher frequency actions – especially in accessing the Stillpoint.

The way I access the Stillpoint is by laying down and going through a gradual relaxation of body, resulting in several therapeutic exhalations over the course of a few minutes. After the final exhalation (different # for different situations), if you are in tune then you achieve the Stillpoint: Union with The Field / Prana / Chi / Orgone / etc etc etc.

I receive ideas, which I consider gifts from God, either while I’m at this relaxation form of the Stillpoint, or when I am walking – usually in the forest. Sometimes I am guided to go for walks so that I can be given specific and powerful ideas.

I gain my sense of right and wrong through the Stillpoint, if it’s not obvious at the conscious level. You can ask certain kinds of questions, and get varying levels of descriptive answers. I guess its kind of like an 8 ball… but you don’t have to carry it around, it’s always there.

With access to this skill/energy we are able to lend my energy to help bring in what I call The Best Possible Future, or the 1000 years of Peace & Prosperity… fundamentally the reversal of the debt based slave economy and the end to suppressed technologies. How do I know this is even a possibility? Because the alt media that sprang to life in the Censorship Wars has been AMAZING at revealing all different kinds of truths about our manufactured reality and it’s taught us to discern, and corroborate, and filter through our heart. Project Veritas, The Highwire, Childrens Health Defense, Truth About Cancer etc etc etc etc. The list of S/heroes is way too lengthy now!

Plus, you can see the bricks of the Old Wall tumbling down now, and you can also see where the energy is so strong – no tornado can destroy it.

Ultimate Truth: Everything is frequency!

Learn to Match Frequency of
That Which You Desire.