The past few days have been emotional as I’ve been putting some of the final pieces of the puzzle together; 35 years of research is finally coming in to focus. I have no doubt there are more layers to discover, but as to the manipulation of life on Earth – this I now comprehend pretty well.

Fact: There are more human slaves on Earth today, than have existed all throughout history.

At this very moment, China’s CCP has locked down tens of millions of their people over the Covid masquerade and because of the lockdowns, these people are starving to death. To put it bluntly, the CCP massacres tens of millions of its citizens under the guise of keeping them safe from a health situation with a a very low mortality rate. At the same time, they massacre the Muslim Uighur people, harvesting their organs.

It makes no sense whatsoever to the rational human mind, until you realize that they are fundamentally the same villains who perpetrated WWII concentration camps (6 million+ deaths), the Bolshevik Revolution gulags in Russia (65 million+ deaths), African slavery, the massacre of Indigenous Americans, and probably every other massacre that ever happened. As per the Georgia Guidestones (which Pfizer head Albert Bourla stated that he will rebuild after they were recently destroyed), it is their goal to reduce the human population to 500 million people, and we are witnessing that goal in action.

I call them the Khazarians (AKA Cabal, Deep State, Illuminati, Satanists, Bolsheviks etc). They have not a shred of humanity, and are masters of psychological warfare and mass genocide. How Evil is Evil.

> Dr. Buttar talks about the delayed reactions of the jabs that could soon wreak absolute havoc in our world.

Supply chains of food and fuel are being sabotaged – financially, physically and politically – as the Northern Hemisphere heads into winter. The worst case scenario is that hundreds of millions will starve and/or freeze in the next 7 months. The best case scenario is that in a stroke of Divine intervention, we are switched over to Quantum energy, and are given access to replicators that allow us to “print” food (or anything) out of thin air (like in Star Trek). There are many in-between scenarios that would work out well for most people.

One of the Khazarian’s primary tactics is called PROJECTION. A prime example of this was the Cabal’s faux attack on Trump – accusing him of colluding with Russia – which was proven false. But the reverse was then proven to be true: The Democratic party (Cabal) was implicated as being in collusion with Russia, via Danchenko, who we just found out was being PAID by the FBI to act as an informant!!! These “people” have no moral compass, no shame, no empathy; they are cold blooded. There is only the single goal, which is the annihilation of everything that does not serve them.

Another tactic they use is the Hegelian Dialectic: Create the Problem, Inflame the Reaction, Control the solution. This seems to be Modus Operendi for all the Khazarian agencies.

The Khazarians also use fear as a control mechanism; fear of poverty, fear of death, fear of other, fear of pain etc. Many people say that fear, pain, torture are a form of etheric food for them. Fear is one of the lowest frequencies of the 3rd Dimension. It limits our minds and makes us controllable via the fight-or-flight response, which negates our logical thinking and elevates the adrenaline in our blood. This trauma-culture construct of our world is designed for their benefit; when we’re traumatized, especially at a young age, it is more difficult to achieve expansion of the energetic spectrum. We get stuck in the lowest frequencies, where we provide the most food/energy for them.

Learn to Discern: If information has a twinge of fear – it is not to be trusted.

They have trapped us in a false economy and are at this very moment are attempting to implement an even more drastic, enslaving economy than we have ever known – via digital currency.

What seems to be our predicament at this moment is that if humanity doesn’t wake up from the spell that the Khazarians cast upon us since 1871 (think the poppy field in Wizard of Oz), humanity is doomed.

If Hari Seldon were to suddenly appear, I believe he’d encourage those of us who are aware enough to UNITE in the DEMAND for QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY

Fact: There is enough energy in a thimbleful of air to power your entire life. Telsa taught us how to capture and use this energy a century ago.

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There is convincing evidence that previous Earth civilizations had mastered quantum technology – pyramids are one form, when activated they emit frequencies of energy and healing. The minute humanity has access to even the simplest forms of quantum tech – Debt is gone. Money is gone. Freedom is eternal. I believe it will be available to us once enough of us have achieved a particular level of frequency/consciousness; a sort of consensus to live in the fundamental of LOVE instead of FEAR. We are different from the Khazarians in this way.

Nikola Tesla and Victor Schauberger were the first (recorded) inventors who made public their deep comprehension of the quantum universe through their inventions; both were destroyed by the Khazarians, their life’s work confiscated. Many other inventors were destroyed in the same way, or assassinated (including my grandfather).

They kept that information for themselves, and have been taking advantage of it all this time. Fortunately, there is more information freely available NOW about zero-point, free-energy and quantum physics than ever before. This is a fantastic development!

Note: There was a gentleman from Buffalo who put out a youtube video showing the process of converting the gasoline engine of his truck, to a hydrogen (water) engine. This man was killed during the active shooter situation in Buffalo a few months ago. Others have taken his work and begun implementing it on a massive scale.

It all comes down to the realization that the Quantum Universe is pure energy (frequency, vibration) and the energy spectrum exists far beyond our five senses.

When you learn to access that expanded energy – then your opportunities are exponentially expanded. This, I believe, is the recipe for Divine Intervention.

What I have found from my own experience is that when you do the work to expand out of the five senses, toward unifying with Universal Consciousness, then you have access to more of that spectrum. There is no fear, there is no lack, there is no limitation. As you energetically let go of the 3rd Dimensional hooks (the 7 Vices), you ascend into the 4th and 5th Dimensions, through the 7 Graces, toward Divine Bliss.

Step by step, we make the journey toward Love…. making mistakes and missteps all along the way. Falling, stumbling, getting back up and putting one step in front of the other once again. Brush it off! Forgive! Move along!

Greater things await in the Quantum Realm.