Many of our pop culture movies have revealed to us that we have an innate power that can be used for either good or evil, and that the process of gaining that power is intrinsically linked with the process of Life itself. It is only through toil and turmoil, falling down and getting up again a thousand times, finding your path and following it that you can truly learn how to master your Self.

When you study Hindu devotees, you find all kinds of supernatural skills and abilities (rishis)… they are well documented. These devotees comprehend, from their holy books, that the universe is energetic; and they spend a lifetime in the pursuit of mastering one rishi.

To become master over the physical universe – and one’s self – is gained on the quest for Consciousness, Self Realization, or Divine Connection. It is the first great accomplishment, and necessary for further growth.

Controlling one’s own actions, thoughts, emotions & words is a monumental task, not to be taken lightly. That people are able to achieve so many levels of control in one lifetime – for instance Bruce Lee – is truly extraordinary.

If you are a seeker, you will come to recognize that the Universe affords us opportunities to grow, and we will have the same lesson over and over again until the lesson is fully realized. Learn how to control your personal energy, including your breath, your health, your value. When these are harnessed, then the prana, or chi you emit into the Ether, or Akash, or the Field, is strong like a beacon, amplifying your intentions directly to the Creator. This allows you to be more powerfully the creator of your own reality.

People accomplish this Herculean task of Self Mastery in many ways, normally through Martial Arts, yoga, or other physical or creative endeavors. It’s up to you to find your path, but you will meet many masters along the way who will help guide you once you are open to that guidance.

When you are able to walk through life unaffected by the chaos around you, only incurring positive karma, in a state of constant bliss…. then you have achieved Self Mastery, which is the foundational level of Aquarian Jedi School and puts you at the top of the Hawkins pyramid of frequencies, at the transition point to 5D.

The next level would be the mastery of your unique & special Fifth-Dimensional Aquarian “Jedi” skills. There’s a school in England that teaches children to use their third eye (!!!), so they play and draw blindfolded. There’s also training available for other Jedi skills including remote viewing, telepathy, levitation, etc.

We are Vibrational Beings
and the Universe is Purely Energetic;
the Minute We Realize It & Begin to Evolve to
the Mindset of Quantum Physics & Consciousness,
it’s a Universe of Infinite Possibility.