We experience different realities according to what we perceive,
where we stand and what we project upon the world.
<- E=MC2 is just a part of it ->

From my perspective, according to the information I take in and the information I release without imprinting, we are at this very moment faced with two very different futures; one of them requires your consent whereas the other requires your courage, your discernment and your commitment to the US Constitution.

One of the things I find truly fascinating in this process is how the word PATRIOT is now applied to anyone worldwide who stands for personal SOVEREIGNTY and against TYRANNY. Meanwhile, the Propaganda News Networks continue to fill people’s minds with fictional vitriol to suit their agenda, which is to kill the vast majority of us and enslave the rest in perpetual servitude. Sexual and otherwise. As per Agenda 21, Georgia Guidestones.

The fact that this enslavement (and worse) has been going on for decades if not eons in a vast underground quantumly-enabled civilization will hopefully shake the non-patriots awake.

Truth: Those who are engaged in the extermination of Earth
are bound to this world by the control of currency. (current-cy)

And so, it must be the Quantum Economic & Energy systems
that disengage their clutches from the collective soul of humanity.

Once you realize that it is your ENERGY that is the prize, then you can begin to recognize yourself as a slave. If you are able to manifest the desire to be released from slavery, then you have an extraordinary chance right now, and a choice.

Either you chose Natural Consciousness – to slog through all of life’s challenges with as much holistic integrity as you can muster, or you succumb to perpetual altered consciousness – implants, injections, addictions, etc. – or death. The Natural Consciousness path is not easy, but neither is the false way. Eventually, you must come to the acceptance of the path of Natural Consciousness for too many reasons to discuss at this moment, but primarily because it’s the Stairway to Heaven.

Fortunately, the process of elevating into Natural Consciousness is easier and faster than ever; it is no longer necessary to live in a cave in the Himalayas to achieve Nirvana!

So – you are now faced with the choice:

Whether or not you are jabbed, do you recognize and acknowledge the reality of enslavement being put forth to us at this moment in time? Do you Decline that enslavement, and choose the righteous path of Natural Consciousness? The term, “speak now or forever hold your peace” applies quite strongly here.

All it requires is the openness to change, and taking action toward your conscious goals. As long as you are in action, you are on the path and in the frequency of Natural Consciousness.

Natural Consciousness is also called Self Realization or any number of other sacred phrases… it translates to an evolution out of material-based reality into etherial- or quantum-based reality, re-connection with The Divine.

The most alarming differential of power is and has been whether or not a person has any familiarity with the most basic precepts of Quantum Physics and/or Consciosuness; which should be taught in the earliest years of school (if we were living in a right-side-up world).

Everything we experience with our 5 senses
is either a Particle or Wave
depending on whether or not our attention is on it.

With time, work, patience & fortitude (hand in hand with the new energies through which our solar system is engaging) we arrive at a place where we begin to have control over the particle universe with our Etheric, wave-based energy. This is the long term goal, and the basis of my new book and self-study course, Becoming Aquarian.

When a person shifts their focus to Quantum Physics & Consciousness, priorities change because the basic perception of reality are replaced. I see it over, and over, and over again and one thing is true: once a person enters the Quantum flow, there is peace and connection and purpose, even and despite the fact that the Universe continues to throw its hurdles and roadblocks.