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I’m gonna speak a little bit in code in this one to avoid Big Brother, so play with me.

The 3 letter agency in question these days, begins with an F and ends with an I, has been proven to be in collusion with the Democrats regarding the 2020 s/elecciòn (of which there is tremendous evidence that Chump won by the largest margin in history). This agency, and perhaps another one, colluded with Twitter and FB to censor information on those platforms prior to the s/elecciòn. The same 3 letter agency colluded with the MSM to censor information regarding a certain laptop which contains ridiculous amounts of incriminating information and evidence concerning FJB, in the time leading up to the s/elecciòn. The same agency has just breached all kinds of laws by invading Chump’s home in Florida.

From the desk of DJT

This summer we have witnessed evidence of grand collusion on a scale that truly boggles the mind. That it features one prominent agency is misleading… for the scope is much larger.

It extends into Big Pharma, weather manipulation, the education system, Mainstream Media, and perhaps most easily understood by most, it extends to the economy. All masterminded by the World Economic Forum and it’s tentacles including the IMF, BIS, CFR, UN, etc.

If you were just to look at the silver market for evidence of collusion, you’d hit the jackpot. But it extends everywhere from crypto currencies to all facets of the stock market to this switch we are in the middle of, leading to a new digital economy. The colluders are trying to drag us into the Great Reset, the good guys are (ostensibly) trying to free us from that debt-slave system forever.

The fishbowl of people who continue to support FJB and promote Democratic/Communist agendas, shrinks. And yet, Soros continues funding Antifa/scista and trying desperately to retain seats in US Congress, while Congress votes over and over again to send boatloads of money to the Ukraine, which should be known by all as the Globalists money-laundering capital of the world (all the trillions in our tax dollars that have been sent to the Ukraine are then funneled into very specific pockets.)

Meanwhile, America burns to the ground during this Globalist coup (attempted, hopefully).

As Chump is currently jostling into position for the possible overturning of the s/elecciòn, Mockingbird media attempts yet another smear campaign of “fascists, right wing, white privilege” against Chump and his supporters. All lies.

Anyone who calls America First supporters Fascist, is a Pedophile. So there.

There are 2 United States governments. There are 2 United States constitutions. The states that have already activated their Republic status will be fine in the coming revolution. The fake corporate government of 1871 is bankrupt and cannot survive. The states that continue to promote socialist ideals, will end up as gigantic concentration camps with dwindling populations.

What is FJB president of? a bloated, broke, foreign corporation which was designed to implode on itself.

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