This is an undoctored still from a video of water flowing in a spring-fed stream.

I caught up with some friends last week and we were able to keep conversation light. But, over the course of the meeting I was reminded how destructive this era is in separating families and friends. Some retreat into, and act from insular self-righteousness – they react, they are ruled by emotions, and are deeply affected by the poisons in the jabs. This comes out as so many different things, but it’s usually a trigger for the person speaking.

At one point there was a veiled threat of violence – not to be used against me, but to illustrate how this person regards me. It was shocking, and yet I was able to recognize that it was actually the poison that was speaking, and not the spirit of the person.

This inspired me to contemplate the judgments I am faced with by people I was formerly aligned with. I keep an open mind and a strong respect for other people’s freedom to have and express their opinions and their selves. I used to share their socio-political perspective, so I know how and why they think they way they do, but the reverse is not true at all: they do not even begin to know my perspective. Every person who judges me, has been grinding the gears of the Matrix while I went through the process of recognizing it and then extricating myself from it…. and then intentionally living without for decades, so that my life energy could not be used to create more trauma.

I have witnessed and helped so many people to successfully extricate themselves from the Matrix, and that gives me the greatest hope that ultimately, everyone will find the strength and vision to complete this obligatory life task… this time or next.

Once a person gets the smallest glimpse of the deception: it’s Game Over.
You can never un-see it.

Due to the explosion of alt media sources I now have the luxury of aligning with large groups of people around the world who share my views – I am no longer Crying Wolf, or playing Chicken Little – the plot against humanity that I’ve been exploring and exposing for the past few decades is now well-proven. Whether you call it Agenda 21, Climate Change, Socialism, MK Ultra, Mockingbird, the Cabal or whatever other colorful word phrase you like …. it is a plot that has been in the works for many generations and it has NOT been a secret to anyone with a discerning eye, with a smidgeon of courage to follow a journalistic trail, especially in the age of the internet. (Countless people have been reporting on all aspects of this plot for many decades, and never more than in the age of Covid.)

(But that’s about to change in a most unbelievable way!)

As evil and malicious as the Plot Against Humanity is, there are also true heroes who have been working masterfully behind the scenes in a counterplot. They know more fully than most, that the repercussions of this silent war are of the greatest significance to humanity.

In the coming weeks we will know for certain:
Freedom, or Slavery.
I pray every day for our Freedom.

If all you can do is pray, then pray.
If all you can do is give, then give.
If all you can do is love, then love.