Yesterday after dropping my son off at the airport, my GPS system screwed me up and I ended up on the streets of Jamaica, Queens, where some asshole attacked my car just cuz I’m white. I didn’t dare react, knowing that cops have no power to do anything. Thankfully the car wasn’t damaged and I wasn’t hurt.

A few days earlier at IU orientation, a young LatinX / Antifa woman led my sessions, and she really enjoyed SHAMING the rather large crowd of mostly white people (90% of the college population). WTF???? Do I really want to send my son into that culture where (even though he is half African) he will be subject to discrimination???? And is forced to conform to the insane Communist wokism that has taken root at the highest level?

I wanted to say to that young woman – Whose taxes do you think funded your parents to be able to survive when they arrived here, looking for a better life? Why are you not expressing GRATITUDE to those whose hard work has enabling you to be in college? Why is your agenda shame, ridicule and bravado? Is that the only way you can feel good about yourself?

My point is that the anger and vitriol expressed by these misguided youngsters is completely misdirected. They are attacking regular Americans, when they should be attacking the Khazarian Mafia, who are solely responsible for destroying their homelands and forcing them to emigrate here in search of a decent life. (I recognize and honor that this is fundamentally the problem.) It is never the citizens of a country who are guilty – it is the military, the government and in our case, the covert government who have caused such egregious harm to the rest of the world.

Really, they should use Soros’ Antifa funds to attack Soros; HE is the cancer (if he’s still alive).

I am appalled by the lawlessness that has taken over this country. This descent into Hell has happened in the past 18 months. It’s absolutely unacceptable. The only way Unity will ever work is when people have graduated out of Fear and Hatred into Love and Gratitude, and we get rid of this Communist regime pretending to be Democrats.

I don’t love Trump, but FER FUCKS SAKE life was INFINITELY better when he was president.

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