My life – in general – has been an arduous experience in learning how to heal from emotional hurt & pain.

(In this journey, I am not alone!)

Until the moment I retreated from the world and immersed myself in nature, I was making bad decision after bad decision that led me away from joy and purpose. Being disconnected from the divine spirit, and having no idea that I was disconnected, I became pessimistic, demanding, ungrateful, blaming.

Being able to retreat has been the biggest blessing in my life. Buddhism and Kundalini Yoga have been extraordinary teachers; learning to meditate, learning the power of mantra, learning the healing power of silence. Communing with the trees, listening to the voice of nature… these are the gifts I have received.

Everything is a process, and I have learned to appreciate the lessons that are given to me in whatever form they are presented.

On this healing journey, I experienced all kinds of disrespect (people always have opinions about how you should be living your life) but the further I got into it, the more deeply I began to comprehend its significance. To continue living and acting out of pain and disconnection was not an option; the opportunity to retreat was there, and so I indulged fully in the healing properties of nature, silence and meditation.

I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world; I have learned what truly matters, and I’ve begun to explore the extraordinary art of manifestation, and I know that we – humanity – have the ability to shift this world toward the quantum. But only if we reconnect with our Divine selves.

I am seeing myself now as an advocate for self-healing on all levels – emotional, physical and spiritual.

In the coming months, I will be creating a course entitled Quantum Activation, as an extension of Quantum Evolution, to assist others in all forms of self-healing and becoming whole, divine beings in order to effect this transition to Quantum Humanity.