This year, I started an exciting new venture.

My interest in the quantum universe has become so all-consuming; I’ve been spending so much time researching that I decided to share my burgeoning knowledge via a web show, and I’ve just completed my 10th episode!

So, if you have any interest at all in learning about quantum physics, quantum spirituality, quantum consciousness… come on over and take a listen.

Some of the subjects I’m addressing including meditation, parasites, intention, quantum products and initiatives, sound, water, yoga… and much more!

This has been the most profound knowledge I’ve come across in my life, and it’s my great pleasure to share it. I hope you gain some useful information to enhance your life!

You can find the playlist here: QuantumEvolution.Life

I’ll be presenting a Quantum Evolution workshop at the Revolution of Consciousness Expo in Albany on May 6, 2018.