It is the Autumnal Equinox, September 21-22, 2021.

On so many levels, it is a powerful time of change – we have a magical opportunity release
All That Does Not Serve,
allowing more space for Divine Presence.

The most powerful action of this time: to Forgive

When I do not Forgive – this very negative energy gets stuck in my body, causing ME harm and in some cases, illness. Why do I want to do that to myself? Every person is on their own journey in this lifetime …. every person captain of their own ship. I have no control over how others live their life, and I never will. When people do not share the same fundamental moral code – either by addiction, or other life choices – then all there is to do, is to forgive, and create space.

When I forgive someone who has transgressed upon ME; it releases ME from the energetic entanglement of a negative interaction. This is true on so many levels. In some religions, the act of forgiving one’s killer offers a profound elevation of spirit – such as a major release of Karma. That would be the ideal of a person who seeks Ascension.

When you get good enough at this, you’re also able to send a blessing to the person on the receiving end of the Forgiveness, no matter how bad the offense.

When we turn it around, and learn how to Forgive OUR OWN SELVES – this is very powerful for effecting positive change. This allows blocked systems in the body to flow again, blocked energy between people to flow again, and the beauty of Life to shine fully. It releases shame, and guilt and promotes health and well-being.

Mistakes are an integral part of the human experience, and we must allow for them. We must learn from them, and grow from them, and forgive whatever trauma they may cause. Being human is messy and unpredictable – Fact of Life! Imperfection is a given. So we do what we can to control our own lives, and live according to our own moral code, and forgive others who trespass against us.

Forgive imperfection.

Forgive trauma.

Forgive mistakes.

Forgive YOUR SELF at the point at which you are able to learn & grow from your mistakes.